Pastor Mrs Catherine Sukubo needs help

This is an appeal for help from well meaning Nigerians. Her friend sent in the mail I'm posting below;
My name is Pat Chukwuemeka, I work with Arik Airline and I'm a friend to Pastor Mrs Catherine Sukubo who is suffering from end stage kidney failure.  Kate as I fondly call her is a wife and mother to two young children aged 5 and 7.  She is a lady with a heart of gold during her hale days and she has touched many lives with her resources.  She lives in Port Harcourt.
Kate is seriously down on health and needs the support of good spirited Nigerians to stay alive.  As a
friend I need to do everything within my power to help raise funds to enable her undergo a kidney transplant.

I am an ardent reader of your blog.  As a matter of fact, I have posted a recipe sometime ago and have seen how you support people with campaigns for funds for medical and other related issues. This is the reason why I decided to bring this particular request to your attention for help.
I have tried to start a campaign with but I understand Nigeria is currently not in the list of supported countries and I don't know any other fund raising body that does it in Nigeria.

Catherine Sukubo is a teacher and her husband is a Nigeria Police Officer attached to NLNG.  Their combined income cannot carter for the dialysis let alone the cost of transplant.  Their two kids are already out of school and they are being sustained by donations from church members and friends to keep the dialysis on twice weekly until a permanent solution is achieved.
I am appealing to you to help publish her case in your blog so that Nigerians can come to the aid of this lady.
Please find attached her pic during a session of dialysis and the letter from University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital where she is being managed until the transplant.
Please feel free to contact me for further details.

Thank you and God bless as you help to save my friend's life.
Pat Chukwuemeka