Chips and scrambled egg with ketchup, some fruits and vegetables.

Yay! it's day 10 of my weight loss journey already and we are still doing great. About 5kg dropped in
these 10 days and I feel light already. Anyways team, It's that time of the month when women just take it easy and rest for a few days before any rigorous body shaking. I skipped my home workouts  today and may be this way until Friday but I'm not bothered becuse this is a journey and not just a walk down the road. The journey to a healthier us has just started and there's no need to rush so we don't start getting burnt out. Like we always say "NOTHING GOOD COMES EASY" If you truly want something, it's not only by words of mouth you work for it, you fight for it. Afterall, we all know that Faith without works is dead. If we keep crying and complaining about wanting to look our best selves, to carry our best bodies and do not add physical action to it, then we just making empty noise.

For me, I have never forgotten the size I was before marriage and how I was able to maintain that size until about 3 to 4 years ago. I like how I looked and some times,  I ask myself this question.. " If I was this fat, with these christian mother arms and stomach pouch, would my husband had looked at me then?" Well, I don't know the answer, I don't know if if I was this big, he would come for me but I can guess the answer through his inspirational weight loss lessons, workout lessons and videos of body trainers he sends to me. He was very big and worked hard to get the body he has now and honestly I prefer him now to when he was big and what makes me think that after building abs and
muscles at 50 plus, he won't mind me losing the fat too?

To say the truth, whatever size my hubby is, I'll still love him but the question is... Do I have a preferred size? The answer is YES! Do I prefer him big or the way he is right now? The present size is poreferrable. If we are honest, lets' ask ourselves if the size we are nurturing now is the best our husband's want to see us. Are you at your most confident size? Are you satisfied when you look at your naked self in that mirror? Do you feel a bit embarrased about where all the fat is sitting? Have you given up already and convinced yourself that no man is looking at you afterall you are married? Someone is actually looking at you. If you feel like hubby doesn't chase after you or eye you, the way he used to in the past, try losing some weight let's see if something will not change.

 If your condition doesn't allow for weight loss battle, do not beat yourself, love yourself that way and know that everybody cannot be the same. Do not forget that our bodies are all different and that is why some people get overweight and start falling sick while some stay overweight all their lives never falling sick even for once.

Ok, back to the matter at hand... 'We are what we eat' whether you agree or not. That saying is very true. Eat more, gain more. Eat less gain less and honestly if we cannot endure a little hunger, a few hours of hunger, then we cannot lose weight because sometimes we need to consume half the quantity we serve ourselves to lose weight. Some of us actually tell others that food doesn't make us fat, that when we are happy is when we gain weight. Yes, we gain weight when we are happy because we are relaxed and enjoy the food even more.  Others say depression makes them gain wight... Yes, because when you are depressed you tend to eat even more for comfort your and to see if you'll feel better.

Undress and stand in front of a mirror, assume the mirror is your partner, then truthfully judge yourself oh. Be the judge and pass that sweet judgement like Judge Judy. Do not flog  yourself sha, we cannot remain the same as when we were in Secondary school because nature made this body to age with time. We cannot kill ourselves trying to turn back the hands of time but we can make impressive changes. We can do something, we can do our best as we trust God to help us because the talk about losing weight is everywhere these days; Online, On TV and and everywhere. The world has come to see that weight is bad for us and should be done away with unless it's a situation where you cannot do something, or a medical condition. Otherwise, we all know that when we gain weight, the heart begins to over work itself to be able to pump blood to all the now BIG body and when it get's over worked like that, can lead to various heart diseases. Some people who get diabetes, it's as a result  of their body weight. Even medically, everyone is advised to keep the small body that's good for their height and try as much as possible to live healthy and prevent some heart problems.

Those before before days sha, when you are big, you are thick madam and people respect you.... Africa don change o.


Some potatoes chips (Fries) with scrambled egg and ketchup. Avocado and some carrots.

I was hungry at 3:30 pm today and there was some beans so I din't wait any longer. That was my last meal for the day, just kept drinking water. See How to cook beans porridge.

Yes, after enjoying the pounded yam and vegetable soup yesterday, I moved up a little bit, not because I ate pounded yam, but because the quantity was large with heavy calories. Toay too, I ate a very big bowl of beans, let's see how it goes tomorrow. You know why I'm not bothered? Bec ause from the very beginning, I said that I do not want to lose weight too quickly and was scared when I was dropping upto a whole Kg per day. Scared because losing weight too quickly can cause the skin to sag/wrinkle as the body is not given enough time to adjustn to the size reduction. I am happy that I moved from 81.1kg on Monday to 81.2kg on Tuesday. 0.1kg weight gain is nothing. That's insignificant comapoared to the heavy amount of ponded yam swallowed on Monday evening. I like it this way and it's healthier and lon term. Let's do this fo ourselves and our families.



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