beans porridge with boiled potatoes. The picture is actually zoomed in. Those potatoes are smaller than golf balls. The plate is a small tea mug saucer. It looks big here but very small in real life.
With my mind this made up, we can only continue to shed, no more gaining by God's grace. Still at
81 kg and do not see myself returning back to 86 kg where I started this journey or the old 89 kg I was at the beginning of this year. I nearly nearly hit 90 kg after Christmas holiday before I started looking towards losing weight. The journey proper didn't start until 19 days ago and it's been worth it. My happiness is that I still enjoy my Nigerian meals. In January, I decided to try do the Keto diet but then thought about what will happen when I get to my desired weight and stop. The fear of gaining back all the weight and even more no allow me o.
BRUNCH was beans porridge with boiled irish potatoes (Leftovers from the previous day's dinner).
SNACK: touched a handful of Nigerian chin chin abegi.
EARLY DINNER: Salad with some protein.

Snacked on a handful of chin chin.

Now, I know that I'm eating every food I love and still losing with the help of portion control. So, when I get to my goal, what I'll do is to maybe increase the food quantity in the plate just a little and life goes on.

I'll continue to post dark photos until my nails are done.
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