My Weight Loss Journey Nigeria Day 12

Day 12 of my weight loss journey. Easter Holiday has added company to my workouts, lol. So, I still
feel bloated even though I took the lemon drink (2 lemons squeezed into a glass of water) first thing in the morning. not hungry at all but managed to drink okro pepper soup at Lunchtime.  At the beginning, it's not easy at all. The hunger pangs eh? After sometime, the body automatically adjusts and those hunger pangs just disappear like magic.

 Okro pepper soup for Lunch.

Later by 5pm, I took this bottle of soya milk, then snacked on those avocados (Pic below)  beside and that's all. Planning on taking ginger drink later at night or first thing tomorrow morning to see if that will help move my bowels. Maybe it's the body trying to adjust to smaller portions because Naija we eat full plate OR there's not much pressure since I eat little. For fiber, what I eat daily should be enough na. Even that okro soup I drank, Okro has fiber.

 Still 81 kg. I'm happy! 0.4kg gain is insignificant still.

The weight and fullness of my stomach can be seen in the video above. How can somborri not have a movement for like 3 days? All the food stuffing every space in there with no release? By the time I finally GO, hope my weight won't over drop. Inability to use the toilet doesn't help at all when one is looking forward to seeing the digits drop.

Anyways, I don't feel sick at all, just that bloated feeling and wanting to just GO but there's no urge!

Still in the 80 something Kilogram range but I want to drop to 80 kg by next week or go below sef, so let's see how it goes. At this rate, I'm sure we are not rushing it and the body is getting enough time to adjust without sagging.

 Drank soya milk and snacked on avocado.
It's time to start dropping below 81kg. This week ends tomorrow Saturday. By Sunday going forward, may we drop a bit more.


  1. Don't relax Aunty Eya, we are solidly behind you.

  2. 😍😍😍😍😍😍


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