Assorted meats pepper soup with some boiled rice and vegetables at the side.

So I drank 3 whole litres of zobo yesterday because I need something to flush my system and get
rid of the bloated feeling I have been complaining of for about a week now. I need liquid/juices in my system but can't drink much of plain water. When it's flavoured I can empty a whole drum within one day, so I settled for lightly flavoured zobo drink and it helped in a way because it purged me a little and I feel somehow relieved even though not completely free of that fullness.  I had to lay hands on my bathroom scale this morning because it either misbehaved or it's falling sick? I mounted that scale three times and got different readings all three times o. Can't believe it. How possible is it for my body weight to fluctuate in a matter of minutes and seconds. I weighed 79 kgk, weighed 8.6 kg, then weighed 81.4 kg, from which body? After the first two readings, had to take the scale from the bathroom outside to be sure the darkness is not affecting it.THEY have failed oh, because me, I have told myself that this time around no joke whether I like it or not, I must lose the phat. Three readings, which do I now pick?

Anyways, these readings of today are supposed to be posted tomorrow sef not today but fear won't let me just wait.

For what happened yesterday as per my weight loss journey. I had no single energy to workout so I just let it be abeg. For brunch; assorted meats pepper soup with a scoop of boiled rice and some vegetables on the side.

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For dinner, I travelled to my village. In my village, we do not just serve beans porridge, it has to be accompanied by something like yam, plantain, cocoyam, water yam, etc. I added boiled irish potatoes to the list and it was really really delicious. Combined well in the mouth and stomach.

I won't let ANYTHING discourage me oh. I have to be INTENTIONAL in this journey and focus on my destination and the smiles that success will bring. Once your mind is made up about something, face it squarely and ignore the discouraging obstacles because they'll always be there and funny enough, everyone's obstacle is different. Another person's wahala might be that they cannot endure even a little bit of hunger, for another person, sacrifice is not in their DNA, for yet another, the problem might be discouragement from family and friends or your metabolism rate that refuses to let you shed the weight as fast as others. Do not let ANYTHING push you into a U-Turn. With God on our side, the lines will all fall in beautiful places.

One great thing about losing weight and exercises is that as the weight begins to drop, your routines become easier and you find out that the joints that couldn't turn initially begin to turn when you burn some phat off. The flexibility that wasn't there and you thought that you are naturally too stiff? everything begins to fall in place to prove that the big body is not really what we need.

 Talking about flexibility, I just finished my 10 minutes home workout without equipment and realized that I can now last longer than when I started with the exercises. My body can endure longer now and it's really encouraging. Sha, when you workout, never forget that flexibility is different for everyone. Don't break your neck because you want your toes to also touch your head. If you try something and it's difficult, your joints not bending to that direction, leave it alone and try another one that's easier for your body type, so we can live long and celebrate our children's children.

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