Boiled rice with tomato fish stew.

The weight is still dropping steadily. We are winning this game. At the beginning of the week, I
posted that my goal this week is to drop to 80kg and even go below that. It's working. The digits below confirm that.

So, on Wednesdays, as usual, it's one meal after breaking fast. Rice with fish stew and some cucumber. I later ate 2 carrots. With this bloated feeling, I think what I need is more water in my system to help flush and put pressure. Since I can't drink much of plain water, Zobo or some flavoured drink should help cleanse me. If it works with the bloatedness, I'll sure let you know by tomorrow or next.

There was no workout but Team Weight Losers Nigeria can always workout with old videos or just jog on the spot and move those joints.  80kg today Thursday Day 17 of my weight loss journey that started with 86kg. God is Good! #wecandothis

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 Weight drops from 86 kg to 80 kg

 croaker fish stew with boiled rice.


  1. wow peae how did you start i want to start too

    1. Hello Chidinma you can start from my Day one


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