Assorted meat pepper soup.
 My weight loss journey day 16 is here like play. It's over 2 weeks already and I love that my

outfits, especially trousers seem a bit loose and the ones that used to be too tight are fitting properly. Even a 2 kg weight loss can make a whole lot of difference. This journey? we'll make it slow and steady until we arrive desired destination, even though the road is not smooth at all talking about not eating until you burp and yawn.

 So, I was just thinking about all this talk on weight loss, wellness and the importance of staying in shape. If you compare the gains of putting on weight and that of shedding and staying in shape, the benefits of losing weight far far outweigh whatever it is we think we are enjoying being bigger than is healthy for us as individuals. Being big is not bad at all o, especially for some who have no health issues and whose case might be hereditary but, for some of us, we haven't inherited those genes of being big and fit because looking back at family history, you might just realise that Grandma or Grandpa.had heart issues, your mother who is not too old is having lower back problems and arthritis and all that stuff that can come with weight. Looking within our families, some of our even younger relatives are having issues already with diabetes and we think "God forbid, that's not my portion" Well, that's not my portion honestly but, why not use what God has given us to help ourselves first before leaving the rest to him.

We have the power to maintain a healthy weight if we truly want to. We have the power to maintain a healthy weight for our height and to try and see if we'll escape those health problems that come with being over weight and sometimes old age. Just like we can eat and become very obese, so we can control and be very in shape. Let no one deceive us about the relationship of food with weight gain. Although like I said earlier, it can be hereditary and there's nothing you can do, it can also be as a result of our consumption of so much starchy foods. Fats and Oil cannot even make you fat if carbohydrates are not in the detail.  I can say this again and again, WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. Food is helping and sometimes gradually and instalmentally destroying us. You know what? we not supposed to eat until every space in there ifs full. We are supposed to eat to be healthy, to quench hunger, to boost our immunity and all that but not to "chop and quench!

So, I ate just a cob of roasted corn  and these three mangoes below at brunch time o. Then cleared the pepper soup bowl at 4pm. My conscience tells me that the quantity I took was too much for someone trying to lose weight and I know it because, the feeling after consuming it was that of discomfort. One thing I like about this journey is that even though the beginning is difficult with all the cravings, but once the body adjusts to that routine and portion, it automatically signals when you do anything differently.

I have this plate with different compartments that I use to help control the quantity of food I scoop. Initially, when I eat in that plate, I don't feel full but I just stay that way and fill the remaining space with drinking water. Now, my body has adjusted itself to that size and it's interesting the discomfort I feel when I eat from a bigger plate out of 'longer throat. I couldn't just see myself eating pepper soup in that saucer, had to just load but thankfully I didn't eat much carbohydrates as I took only a piece of that roasted sweet potatoes below. They are in season now and very affordable. Wec are getting there.

The summary for week 2 weight loss journey was supposed to have been posted yesterday, I haven't forgotten, will try and do that today, let's see if week one or 2 was better for me and see where I can improve on or celebrate. I think I know already sha, keeping my fingers crossed...


Roast sweet potatoes
 Over the weekend, I was scared of climbing the scale because of that silent sense of guilt but Monday I did and below is my weight yet... Still 82 kg but no problem, this is the week I have to drop below 80 kg. I used this old workout video to burn some calories and sweat a little. Please subscribe on Youtube for fast updates as they happen.