Eya Ayambem Nigerian weight loss workout.
Hello again. I'm so happy sharing this journey with you guys. These past seven days of trying to lose excess fat have been awesome and very rewarding. I started with plans to gradually lose some weight, live a healthier lifestyle and have the best body that I want to see in the mirror. I never
thought that losing weight naturally with Nigerian dishes could be this effective. Never knew I could lose up to a whole 1 kg in just a day and that's what has been happening this first week except for the day I ate three big wraps of delicious moi moi and gained instead of lose. But, I'm not worried, that's alright because I am still human and will certainly make mistakes along the way.

This journey doesn't even give me time anymore to update the blog with News stories and others, seeing I have to document almost my whole day and create the draft in the evening of that same day to be published the very next day while I document for that day, and the cycle continues. I wanted to atleast give other updates from time to time but this is really more  time consuming than I thought, but sha, we'll see how it goes after this first month.

In this journey, like I said earlier, I'm not going to do the "EAT THIS DON'T EAT THAT STUFF" I'll eat every nutritious food my body craves, I'll eat akpu swallow and starch if I see them. Hopefully, we'll be able to prove that one can effectively lose weight with Nigerian food. I have no do's and Don'ts except for sugar, cow milk and dairy products that I want to learn to stay away from because they seem to not really help adults.

MY NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY started on Sunday, March 04, 2018 with 86.5 kg (190 pounds).  Then as the days went by, this is what happened:

  • Sunday March 04,       = 86.5 kg
  • Monday March 05,      = 84.9 kg
  • Tuesday March 06,      = 84.0 kg
  • Wednesday March 07, = 83.0 kg
  • Thursday March 08,    = 82.5 kg
  • Friday March 09,         = 81.9 kg
  • Saturday March 10,     = 82.3 kg
Awesome results. This is motivating! I'm encouraged to continue and see how the rest of the weeks and months will go. You know what? I've already weighed myself today Sunday March 11th but can't share the result now as that will be revealed on tomorrow's post. Do you think I gained some more like yesterday or you think I lost some more weight? We see tomorrow morning by God's grace.
Please wish me luck...



  1. Princess3/12/2018

    You are doing very well Aunty Eya. Thumbs up.

  2. What a wonderful beginning!


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