Pounded yam with vegetable soup.

Thank you so much for following my weight loss journey, for being a part of this. You don't know
how you keep me going!It's day 9 already and I'm so so happy with what I see and feel. I don't have to type much, will let the digits speak for themselves. Nothing good comes easy o. If the body size
you see in that mirror is not what you want for yourself, you can do something. Let's try our possible best and then leave what we cannot change for God. Losing weight is what we can change, God has given us that power to make ourselves gain or lose weight. For some people, gaining is difficult while for some of us, gaining is easy but losing is like a battle front. You try and try and nothing seems to change. Thankfully, this method is working and I'm really grateful. The only weight loss method I tried before, you have to completely drop swallow, bread and all carbs to be able to lose weight and I'm a bit wary because I cannot drop Nigerian traditional meals just like that and say permanent bye bye to them, and by the time you return back to the food, all the weight returns and sometimes even doubles.
Recipe for Nigerian vegetable soup

I so much love this method because it is a lifestyle, it is healthy, has no forbidden foods and the weight is steadily dropping.
Remember this, there are days you just can't help it and you eat too much, there are days you expect the weight to drop but it doesn't. Do not beat yourself. It's a journey and no one is perfect sef. Remember how I ate too much moi moi last week Friday and gained rather than lose? It's still life. When that happens, smile and strive to get it right the next day BUT do not give up at all. Do not!

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MY WORKOUT WITHOUT EQUIPMENT: Today I was able to record for about 10 minutes. See below...


Brunch was this full plate of 1 boiled egg, 2 avocado pears and 1 small cucumber. While getting the breakfast ready, the coconut below represented well. 


Pounded yam with vegetable soup at 4pm. See vegetable soup recipes here.


YESSSS! From 86.5 kg  days back to 81.1kg today.  I weigh myself before eating any meal and should post that first but I don't want you to just see the weight and bounce, that's why I bring it right down to make us all scroll down and read the whole post before seeing my new weight. ✌✌


  1. Uche's wife3/13/2018

    Me i don't know what to do again. I have tried and tried to lose this fat but is not working.

    1. Don't worry. Let's try again and you'll get it this time I promise. Let's go!

  2. Anonymous3/13/2018

    You are doing a great job ma.
    I also need to lose weight Asap.
    Fat no help person oooo.
    Na figure 8 dey reign now
    God will help us all

    1. Amen. Thank you so much. We really need to live healthier and try our best to avoid excess fat and heart diseases.

  3. Nice one Madam. Keep up the good works.

  4. eya,

    can we jooin you? and track our weight and food on your blog too?

    1. Yes Chioma, you can. If you send as Email to, they'll be published live on the blog.


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