Roasted corn for my weight loss

Today Saturday, March 10, 2018, is the 7th day of this new weight loss journey undertaken the natural way. I won't lie, no workout today but I danced a little. So I have a confession and I
love that I enjoyed my moi moi even though uhm sha, ok, yes and... the scale digits didn't go the way I wanted *covers face* 😎😎😎. So, the weight did not Drrrrrrrrop and to think that I was already feeling myself and getting used to losing almost a kilo daily. Anyways, I have called myself to order and, let's see how it goes from here.

It was an extremely busy day today and I could only eat some roasted corn at 2pm, then 2 carrots shortly after that. The noodle plate below was supposed to be my dinner but because I haven't yet learnt how to enjoy sausages, I swapped it for my leftover moi moi but, this time, na only one wrap I take abeg.


I couldn't load myself like yesterday and then come and be scared of climbing the scale the next day.

indomie noodles for my weight loss journey

I feel so good knowing that one moi moi is all I ate by 4pm and that was it for the day. Keeping my fingers crossed till tomorrow morning. Una go hear sha!  My bowels have refused to move since Thursday after the fasting and I think that I'm eating enough vegetables. Could it be the excess heat here is not letting my body retain even a little water to keep me hydrated? I don't know.

So, after unwrapping 3 big mountains of moi moi and finishing everything, why won't I go from 81.9 kg in one day to 82.3 kg the very next? Why? and I don't even blame myself for falling for ordinary moi moi because I thoroughly enjoyed eating it, so, that's the satisfaction and consolation. I'll do better next time but won't feel bad lie lie. Afterall, I relaxed the rules a bit and enjoyed this much after consistently losing for six days. Maybe the moi moi was nature's way of rewarding me for losing upto 5 kg of body weight in just 6 days.  I gained only about 0.4kg which to me is insignificant compared to the food I consumed yesterday and the progress made so far. "We are what we eat"