Nigerian moi moi
Moi moi dinner for my weight loss journey.
 Yes! the digits are still dropping and I'm even a bit worried "I hope it's not rapid because I know first hand the disadvantages of losing weight too quckly. Been there, I saw the wrinkled forehead and regretted. Thankfully I gained it back and the wrinkles disappeared. The sagging skin wahala is another disadantages. When weight is lost too quickly, the body doesn't have enough time to adjust. The skin loses water and fat that initially filled it up, cannot adjust that quickly and begins to be sad and wrinkle. Losing slowly is the best as your skin doesn't even realize something (Fat) is being burnt out, so it naturally goes back gradually to original size. Lolz.

Yes. today Friday March 9th my weight has dropped to
81.9kg. The difference isn;t much though but I'm grateful consifering the big plate of plantain porridge I ate yesterday. I honestly thought I won't be able to finish it but cleared eerything and then became scared for myself and regretting that I didn't stick to the plate I kept for my weight loss meals... That plate can't take much food even if I wanted to scoop in some more unlike the saucer of yesterday that enabled me over eat.

Scroll down to see my workout routine.. Wasn't feeling it today at all but I still managed to go 10 minutes.

For brunch (12 NOON) I ate okro peppersoup. Very hot and light, exactly how I wanted it.

Okro soup

By 2 Pm, I snacked on the fruits below. Three African star fruits (Agbalumo, Udara), 2 avocados, and a small piece of cucumber.


Very delicious moi moi. I finished 3 wraps before realizing that it was a bit too much. 2 would have been ok if not that I took out one for tasting when the pot was still on fire and still took my usual 2 wraps after cooking. Let me post moi moi recipe link here so I don't hae to write a detailed recipe for this. 

Blended beans for moi moi

See how to make moi moi

Cooking moi moi

Moi moi photo

2 cups beans
8 large red bell peppers (tatashey)
1 very large red onion
1 tablespoon pepper sauce (That's about 3 scotch bonnet peppers
1/2 cup palm oil
Hard boiled eggs
2 stock cubes
Salt to taste Water

The beans was washed and soaked for about 6 hours to soften before my blender will come and cry because of moi moi beans. Blended together with the onion and red bell peppers, salt and seasoning cubes added to taste. Then while wrapping in a leaf, a boiled egg is dropped in before completing the wrap. It is placed on a gauze in the pot so it doesn't sit directly on water. After wrapping all, a little boilingh water is dropped in and the turned on. Cover and eave to cook for about 1 hour while you occasional check and add water so the pot doesn't butn.

TIP: To get good moi moi texture, your beans must be milled or blended very smooth like butter.
These ingredients produced 9 moi moi wraps. It was actually very tasty

I hope standing on the weighing scale tomorrow will still be fun like the past days? Anyways, I'm not going to be too hard on myself, afterall I prefer losing slowly. If I gain, no wahala, we just keep pushing and driop it again and continue the journey.

Nigerian Moi moi

How to lose weight with Nigerian food. #wecandoit #wewillnotgiveup #the beginningisnoteasy but when the body adjust to the change, everything begins to flow with ease.


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  1. Anonymous3/10/2018

    Well done Aunti Eyam keep the flag flying.


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