My New Lifestyle And Weight Loss Journey Day 1 Cont'd

Good morning Team. Today is Monday, March 5. I promised to give updates of the previous day. So,  I'm going to share what I ate yesterday which was the first day of my new Lifestyle  and weight loss journey. Some things will be the same except for the food because I didn't add that yesterday. I haven't cheated on myself so far and surprisingly there's already a difference. When I stood on the scale this morning, didn't expect to see any difference in just one day but there is. The digits dropped satisfactorily and I'll post the numbers tomorrow. I hope that's not a bit too much because I am not for
quick weight loss as that can cause skin to sag/wrinkle. I want it to be natural, like slow and steady because it is a Lifestyle thing and not just to lose weight today, load tomorrow and gain all back.


Yesterday, being the first day, As soon as I weighed myself, entered the bedroom and quickly jogged on the spot for 3 minutes (I need a Canon DSLR camera oh, to be able to record my home exercises for us) Sha, till I cross that milestone, we'll manage with paper description 😁😁. I did planking for 35 seconds (This third abeg) If you can ploank for 60 seconds raise up your hands let me confer you with an award. Planking is what works on eery part of the body, burning all thiose fats that cause folds on the sides and making you sweat by force but it is to me the hardest form of work out. Sometimes I do plank for 45 minutes when I really push myself. I really want to do a video of it as prove. Then I did 30 situps. When I started to do sit ups some years back, it wasn't easy o. I started with 5 situps a day and gradually increased until now I can go 70 situps if I really push myself and with consistency, within a month my tummy size reuces draticallty until longer throat for big plates of food sends my downhill again. I reject it this time around oh.  So, I did 25 push ups with my knees on the floor of course not et graduated to that serious proper push up till sometime later. the balls (30 times), boxed the air 20 times. 20 butt kickers and 5 push up planks. Dear God please bless me with a DSLR camera to record my lone quick workout sessions. I beg you papa mi!


I will eat EVERYTHING but in smaller portions. I won't skip nothing called food. Every food I love will enter my mouth well well, unless of course sugar and diary products that I know are not good for me. Yesterday was Day one, I didn't have much time to plan and had to just eat what was available. The plate below is my breakfast. Some garden eggs, 2 carrots and 2 boiled eggs, that's all and surprisingly, that was filling enough.  No fancy breakfast but today, after posting this, I'll enter the kitchen and cook some yummy small portion breakfast.


For lunch I ate eba with vegetable groundnut soup and a small piece of meat ( I strongly suspect that I'm meant to be a vegetarian. Why? Because I do not like meat. I don't like to chew flesh at all at all. In the future, I might just gie up meat completely).

Eba, the size of my fist. Whether I bellefull or not is not the problem. I loaded myself with soup anyway, that's why I'm surprised that the digits dropped when I climbed on the scale today. You know how to cook groundnut soup with green vegetables na. The vegetable I used here is blended afangleaves reason for the green colour


For dinner I ate macaroni with very delicious shredded chicken vegetable sauce. The stock from this shredded chicken was used to cook the vegetables. Dinner at 4pm, so, I do not go to bed with a full stomach. The food has enough time to play and digest before bedtime. I'll try my best not to eat late dinner as I continue on this healthy living and weight loss journey.



  • 3 Bunches spring onion
  • 1 large red onion
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 2 small carrots
  • 1 large green pepper
  • 1 cup chopped cabbage
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Salt
  • 2 tablespoons flour to slightly thicken
  • Stock
  • Steamed shredded chicken
In pictures oh. If you are interested in the cooking direction, let me know in the comment section below and I'll include it here.


  1. Boil the chicken with some water, salt and onion. Set Aside. Dice the onion and spring onion bulbs (White part)  together. chop the carrots and set aside. chop the spring onion stalk (The green part) to desired size and set aside too. Pound or chop the fresh pepper. Mix the flour with water until a bit runny, set aside.
  2. In a fry pan or cooking pot, heat the vegetable oil. Next add the onion, pepper, white part of the spring onion, seasoning cube and stir very well. Stir for about 20 seconds or till satisfied before adding the cabbage, carrots and green part of the spring onion.
  3. Add the stock and some water if stock is too small.
  4. Check for salt and add if needed.
  5. Add the flour now and stir very well. You'll see it thickening immediately. Take off the heat immediately so that the vegetables don't lose their freshness.
  6. Sere with your boiled carbs ... macaroni, spaghetti, rice and so on.

I wish myself luck 😆😆😆


  1. Can't beliee I started refreshing since 7 am to see your updates *Shinesteeth

    1. I joined the team since yesterday and will do my best to follow. Where can I subscribe?

    2. Thanks Ope. I'll try to be posting early.

    3. Scroll down and subscribe with your Email?

  2. Interested in joining you please.

    1. Thanks Nana. You are welcome on board . Feel free to share your journey with us.

  3. Anonymous3/06/2018

    Good one there Aunty Eya. I will try to join your exercise routine and diet to see what God will help me achieve this year. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much. We can do this together.

  4. Anonymous3/06/2018

    I am very fit but I love the recipees and try them out. Goodluck in your weight loss journey. Am yet to get response on my SOS email ooo Eya.

    1. Thank you for trying out the recipes. What SOS Email please?

  5. Pls I need the cooking direction

    1. Ok, I'll update and add cooking direction now.

  6. Anonymous3/06/2018

    Yay!!! Well done. Slow and steady.... I love your lunch. Aunty eye try Intermittent fasting Naa, it helps burn fat and has other benefits

    1. :) Thanks a million! Yes, I fast on Wednesdays oh. Hope that's ok? For Wednesdays, I might just be posting only the dinner because that's when I fast and meditate quietly. Bless you.

  7. Anonymous3/07/2018

    Yes that's very OK. You are on track *highfivr

  8. Wow, just saw this now and you have gone far. Thanks for the update but please how do I join because I want to burn out this fat that is killing me


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