My New Lifestyle And Natural Weight Loss Journey Day 2

Ugu vegetable stir fry recipe below.
Hello. Good morning to us. Yesterday I climbed on the scale and the digits actually dropped. I had always thought that with carbs in my diet, that weight loss will be very slow but was really surprised when I stood there and sa the numbers dropping like in just one day! I'm so happy and inspired already. Can't wait to see more progress. Yesterday was so busy I couldn't find time to sit down for breakfast till noon. Should I just call that brunch? Ate my first meal at exactly 12 noon and didn't feel hungry again till 4pm which I'e adopted as my dinner time to enable the food to work out very well and burn out before I go to bed. Going to bed with a full stomach won't help in this weight loss and healthy living journey, so, I'll try my best to stick to 4pm dinner and 5pm is still ok just incase.

I ate just two meals yesterday. I naturally don't feel hungry in the morning until about 10am or thereafter, then I'll suddenly feel really hungry and eat until I burp. My Lifestyle has to change, that's why I'll try my best to eat early whether hungry or not (But sha, eating when one is not hungry can feel like punishment sometimes. I'll show my hand, close my eyes and take the punishment since breakfast is the most important meal of the day).


Not really in the mood for exercise but I tried my best. See how heavy I'm exercising? Raising leg up nor easy at all oh. I struggled with posting this video because if I could laugh so hard at myself. what will people say? Funny video but I posted anyway so tomorrow, when I become a pro 💪💪💪 I can return here to watch and see where the journey began.

Watch my comedicise video and scroll down for new weight and recipe...

 Breakfast; Bread and egg sauce with avocado.


Bread and egg sauce with a side of avocado. This one nor need recipe na. But, for the Vegetable sauce I had for dinner, see recipe below...


Yellow palm oil rice with stir fried ugu vegetable (Fluted pumpkin)


I small bunch ugu and water leaf
1/ cup palm oil
1 medium sized onion
1 teaspoon fresh pepper or to taste
1/4 cup crayfish roughly ground
1/2 seasoning cube
Salt to taste

  1. Wash and cut the ugu and waterleaf
  2. Stir Fry in hot palm oil, the diced onion crayfish and pepper
  3. Add seasoning and vegetables. Stir and mix well. Add salt and check for taste.
  4. Quickly remove from heat and serve.
ugu and water leaf stir fry.

My new weight is 84.9kg. From 86. Baba thank you. It's working already oh! I was expecting it to still be around 85 or something but I'm happy and encouraged to keep moving. This bathroom is so dark in the camera and then when I use Flash , the numbers don't show. Tomorrow, the weighing scale will be taken outside so that we all are convinced that it's my two legs standing there smiling. 

 Me, standing on the scale, day 2 of weight loss journey.

Let's keep moving. Everything is possible!


  1. Well done Eya. Keep moving we behind you sista.

  2. Congratulations pls keep posting

  3. Anonymous3/06/2018

    You not feeling hungry in the morning is a good thing. Breakfast is not that important. Intermittent fasting will aid your weight loss journey. Also drinking warm Lime or lemon water on an empty stomach every morning, will help flatten your tummy also, hydration helps to flatten ones tummy.

    1. Thank yo much for the tips. Noted.

  4. My problem is craving. How wil i beat that one.

  5. Ilike the bread and avocado combination. Its tasty. This morning i had boiled plantain +fish sauce and leas than a glass of lowfat yogjurt then dis 20 squats. Keep going girl. Thumbs up

    1. Thanks dear. We are getting there.


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