Dinner was roasted coconut rice with avocado and vegetables.

Yes, today, we don't have much to say. It's wednesday my fasting day, so, I eat just one meal in the
evening. It's also a workout FREE say YESSSSS! Let me rest a little first. Aside the fasting sef, today is that special day of the month that doesn't need me squeezing my stomach and working out, it needs
rest and mild work sha. Let's see how tomorrow goes sha.
My schedule today didn't let me remember to weigh myself before eating. I already went half way with the food before remembering the bathroom scale. Sha no problem. I'm quite sure everything will still be fine with either a little weight gain or a little weight loss. I suspect that it probably would have been some tiny gain because the pounded yam I ate was too much for a weight loser na. Even though it went with vegetable soup, see the quantity of heart shaped pounded yam for one person. A weight watcher at that.

Anyways, forward ever. Let's go there. Feeling constipated after eating dinner, I had to clear all that mango below, to help with bowel movement. I think I needed the fiber from the mango skin.

Here is the recipe for this delicious roasted coconut rice.

 Roasted coconut rice with vegetables, fruit and proteins.


  1. Anonymous3/15/2018

    Hello, I desire to subscribe for this blog to take hottest updates, therefore where can i do it please help.

    1. Check right, on the Sidebar, you'll see 'TYPE EMAIL ADDRESS HERE'
      If you are using a phone, scroll right down to see 'TYPE EMAIL ADDRESS HERE' Type in your Email address and click on 'subscribe'

  2. I am not Nigerian but Ghanaian.i wonder how this will help since it looks tailored to just the Nigerian market.

  3. good day ma. you may not remember me but i am a die hard fan sent you my story about me not paying my school fees and you posted my story 2013. just want to say thanks so much and much love. reading your page was so exicting. much love and i appreciate

    1. Thank you so so much for coming by again.


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