Can A Nagging Wife Change? HOW DO YOU MANAGE ONE?

So yesterday, I got a mail, replied and decided not to publish it here. However, thinking about it today, I feel it might be useful to someone on the blog so, here is it below and my reply to sender...

Dear Madam,

I read your post/blog on the internet on Nagging Wife. I will like if you can share with me how to deal with a nagging wife or can they be changed?



Yes a nagging wife can change. I used to be one when I got married newly years back. There are triggers sometimes. The husband's actions and words can trigger.  The woman's temperament too. While some people whether men or women are very patient, others just don't have it in their DNA. Some wives especially newly married mums do not even know when they nag, they need some talking to by someone they respect. Some change automatically when they feel threatened with fake divorce papers or suspect that hubby is keeping sidechicks, Lol. 

If the husband is the cause of the nagging, it should be handled without threats so that oga doesn't regret when he threatens to leave and an already tired madam begs to leave first. Sometimes, a husband doesn't even know that he is the trigger, that's why there's need for effective communication at all times. Sit down, talk about it, let her hear from you that she nags and that you don't enjoy it.

Postpartum depression too can make some women nag... stress, sleep deprivation by baby's cries with husband lending no helping hand to let new mum get adequate sleep.
Some women who nag are influenced by the company they keep.


Sha oh, some people feel that nagging is the only way to get what they want.
What do you think?