5 Best Advices For Good Coffee

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Many of us usually like to start the day with a nice, hot cup of coffee. Maybe this is the routine that
reminds you that you are still alive and breathing.

However, sometimes it becomes difficult to improve the quality of your coffee if you don’t know how to. Well, with this article, you will be able to grasp some tips or advice on how you can still keep your daily routine of drinking coffee but now with an improved taste and quality.
With that being said, below are some advice you can use to improve your coffee.
  1. Pre-Warm Your Mug

If you are making a pour over the type of coffee, the temperature should be among the key things you look at. It is not a good idea to have your hot coffee inside a cold mug.

Before adding water to the grounded beans and filtering, you should pour a small amount of the hot water into the mug. The water will then be able to warm up the walls of your mug as you continue with the brewing coffee.

Well, doing this will help your coffee to keep its flavor and temperature for a long period of time and you get to drink a good coffee full of flavor and quality.

  1. Watch Out For The Boiling Temperature

Wow, it looks like temperature is a very delicate matter when it comes to making coffee. Make sure your coffee maker has a temperature of about 200 F degrees.

For those using either Chemex or the French press, you need to let the water cool down a bit when pouring directly on the grounds. Leaving it for up to 40 seconds as this is enough to lower the temperature down.

Remember: the patience you pay now will give you a good quality coffee.

  1. Stop Worrying So Much About Your Beans

Did you want to make yourself a cup of coffee, right? Then use the beans.

After roasting them, you should be aware that they will lose the flavor with time. And this leads to making poor quality coffee.

For those who think keeping things inside a refrigerator always solves the problem, well, with coffee it will only become worse. Use your beans immediately after roasting them or just a few days, otherwise you will keep on wondering why your guests never ask for coffee whenever they come at your place.

  1. The Ratio

Have you ever heard the coffee lovers talk about the golden ratio? Well, just because you want to make coffee for everybody doesn’t mean you use more water.

Even if you have only a handful of beans, you better make something small but high quality than a lot of coffee but awful. That’s why you use appropriate measurements.

The ratio of coffee to water should be 1:16, at least if you have above average beans. Remember always to measure your coffee by weight and not the volume.

However, you still have the right to play around with this ratio depending on how you want the coffee. You can also use coffee syrup flavors if you want to add some more taste.

  1. Wet The Filter

Whether you are making a pour over the type of coffee or you are using a classic drip machine, it is important that you wet the coffee filter first before putting the ground beans into.

If you didn’t know, get it now that the filter also contains some flavor despite the treatment. Pouring some hot water on it always helps to get rid of.

Also, pouring some little amount of water on the filter helps in preventing mishaps and slips since it will be holding tight to your machine’s surface. Make sure you use a little amount of water because too much will just spoil the filter.


Well, these are some of the best advice you can get from the coffee enthusiasts. If you wonder why coffee from the coffee shops always taste better than the one you make at home, it’s probably because you are doing it all wrong.
The secret to making a nice cup of coffee which is full of flavor and quality lies in the process. If you can do everything correctly, then have no doubt you are about to make yourself an amazing drink.
But one wrong move, everything goes back to square one. This will only leave you with two options, either start a new process or go ahead and end up drinking poor quality coffee even if you go ahead That will just go to a waste. Heed to these advices and enjoy your coffee.