Should your husband be present in the labour room?

It's awesome, beautiful to have a man see what his wife goes through in the delivery room, to be there by her side reassuring through the labour pains and all...  Would you like to have your husband with you in the delivery room when your pregnancy is  due? My answer is 'YES' and 'NO' 
You see, all marriages are not the same honestly, the way that couples relate is not the same. Some spouses are soul-mates, they are so connected, they feel like one person while some spouses are just
there, officially married but living like singles and the woman wouldn't think that having her husband around will make any difference. Some spouses live like flatmates, like room mates with each doing their own thing and only coming together when they need to discuss the kids. Even lovemaking happens only in a dark room because the woman can't bear to let her husband see her naked body especially women with issues of post baby weight and so on and this again can be because of how the husband responds to the changes in his wife's body.

Aside marriages being different, individual differences too is another reason why your husband should or shouldn't be in the delivery room. Some men do become more caring to their wives after seeing what happens during childbirth while others become scarred for life and even love making becomes a problem. There are men who experience delivery, faint and instead of attending to the pregnant mum, the nurses attention shifts to resuscitate the dying man lying on the hospital floor.  Some men become scared of putting their wives in the family way and cannot seem to forget easily the sight of blood, the stretching of body parts and sometimes the poop that came before the baby's arrival 😉😂😂😂.  There are men who witness child delivery and it takes them years to heal and resume intimacy with their wives and not only about the men . Some pregnant women want to have their babies in private, alone with medical professionals and would prefer that hubby waits outside. Other women feel having their husband's around will make the labour pain bearable.

What do you think?

  • I have never exactly been worried about this. This is our first child and i'm worried about having my husband in the delivery room at the time of birth. Don't get me wrong I want him right by my side but i'm worried he'll be scarred by seeing everything happening below my waist and I don't want him to get a little grossed out and look at me in a different way withn those pictures in his head.

  • I'm afraid that once he sees all the blood,and my vagina strecthing hes not ever gonna wana do you know what anymore. but as the time gets closer, i try to inform him of what hes going to see and how my body will be back to normal in due time. Im still gonna be embarrassed though, Im so scared that i might poop on myself. but my husband always reassures me that nothing will change after the baby.

  • I want my husband in the labour room with me, but he's scared. WIll he be less attracted to me? He hates blood and just thee whole sight of me giving birth will probably be extremely terrifying for him. We'll see how it goes.

  • The thing is, I don't need to be in yhe labour room with my wife before knowing what she went through and appreciate her. 
    Even the doctors that witness women in labour everyday, not all of them appreciate their wives.My husband was in Labour roomwith me but next time he is not coming cos he come cry pass me that is in pain na me come dey console him😒

If my husband no dey Dere I no go agree push until they call him for me.

Was there for both my kids. And it made me love and respect my wife more..

  • My husband was with me for our first child. I was the one consoling him, cos his pain and cry pass my own. My mum had to send him back home.
  • I can't stay with her abeg, not that I wouldn't want to but I hate to see people in pain not to talk of my wife. It might affect me psychologically and might equally affect our sex life cos I wouldn't want to put her in such pains again if I happens to see giving delivery.
  • My hubby stayed during my 2nd delivery. I thank God for the opportunity. It has changed his perception about women and all it entails to bring a baby to life. He now appreciates me/women folk the more. He drives extra carefully whenever a pregnant woman is in the car.
  • I will sure be there for my wife and baby.
Should the man be present in the delivery room?