Shocked Lagos wife stumbles on her death certificate hidden in husband's car

So, Lagos based Dentist husband printed his darling wifey's death certificate to enable him leave the country with his side chick. Madam bumped into the papers, made photocopies and confronted oga but Nigerians are blaming her for the confrontation, that she should have instead quietly burnt all the visas, death certificate and all because photocopy and confrontation cannot stop them from relocating and abandoning her here in Nigeria.
The registered nurse and mother of four shared this experience with former OAP Toke Makinwa who  then posted it on Twitter. The message reads...

“I am in very sad mood, I feel used and rejected, I feel so terrible, I am married with four kids and I always felt I am married to the best man in the world. I am registered Nurse in a Government hospital here In Lagos, while he is a dentist. 

Our plan has always been that when our first child finishes primary school, we will relocate to the US. About a year ago, my husband started dating a lady in her late 30s. I saw her messages and challenged him after which he apologised and I forgave him.

However, to my surprise, he came home late on Friday night and slept very early on Saturday. I drove his car out to refill the gas. I saw an envelope in his car. Inside this envelope, was his passport with US visa on it and the lady’s own with US visa. I saw the form he used to fill his visa application. In the form, he said his wife was late and my death certificate was attached and his wedding certificate with the lady was also attached. In the form, he wrote out all our children’s name but he claimed their mother was late. I made a photocopy of all the documents and returned the documents. I nearly ran mad. He observed that I have been so cold lately and he has been asking what the matter is.
What should I do? How should I accept this level of wickedness and traitor attitude?

**Well, To him you are dead and he might just make that happen*


  1. Keep the photocopies for him and take the originals until confession is made.
    The confession would determine the next step to take.


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