Nigerian lady reveals what in-laws told her friend minutes after husband passed on

A Nigerian lady and Twitter user @nerdy_dami, took to the platform to narrate what her friend’s in-laws told her just few minutes after her husband who has been battling for his life in the hospital, passed on. According to @nerdy_dami, her friend’s in-laws whispered that they are thanking God because she didn’t have a child for their son. That's just after they asked if there’s any property their son owned they don’t know about. Her tweet read;

A friend just lost her husband, her in-laws weren’t really supportive when he was in the hospital battling for his life but they turned up 2days before his demise. Some ugly shit they said, I’ll share here. Thread!

Right there at the hospital, minutes after the man gave up, his older cousin asked the wife (my friend) if there was any property he owned that they didn’t know of. Like wtf, isn’t it too damn early and insensitive to ask that already?

Like that wasn’t enough, the deceased younger brother told her “thank God you didn’t have any children for him, it’s better sef” better how, does he want to take over? I still don’t understand the statement, I don’t ever!

The worst of it all was when they got back to the house and the mum said if they knew he was going to die, they wouldn’t have travelled all the way down from the village. Do I need to tell you the guy is Ibo?

I just hope they don’t force her to go back to the village with them to mourn or something

Person just lose im husband, Like the trauma and psychological drain isn’t enough I don’t understand why they subject the widows to shave their hair, stay in the same room with their dead husband, drink the water used in bathing the dead body. Which kain thing be that ffs

I still don’t get the aim of doing all that tho, it’s to what end? I just hope this “tradition” is revisited soon, things need to change fr.

I forgot to add, they wanted to carry the man’s car too. Awon family oshi’
Nigerian Lady reveals what in-laws told her friend, minutes after her husband died lailasnews 1Nigerian Lady reveals what in-laws told her friend, minutes after her husband died lailasnews 2