Khloe Kardashian says she'll eat her baby's placenta

Khloe Kardashian revealed during Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she planned to follow Kim's example and eat her baby's placenta.
The 33-year-old reality star is expecting her first child in April with her professional basketball player boyfriend, 26-year-old Tristan Thompson.
'He's so happy and so excited…he makes it, more fun,' she said, while noting that she felt no need to get married to him right away. 'I was married before and it didn't do anything for me. …I'm in a
good, healthy relationship,' she smiled.
Khloe revealed that she would have the baby in Cleveland and then ingest the umbilical chord just like her sister Kim.

 'I'm going to eat it in pills,' she told Kim.
'My placenta was like double the size, it was really oddly big, so she gave me two jars,' recalled Kim, as Khloe grimaced.

Kim said she opted for 'grape flavor' in her 'picked placenta'.
'Ewwww,' squealed Khloe, who was eating a salad during their conversation.
'I really can't deal with that belly button, placenta thing,' she cringed.

'It's so nasty, I can't take it,' agreed Kim.
An ultrasound revealed that the fetus was five inches long and that Khloe was safely into her second trimester.
Khloe said Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan was hoping for a boy.