Victoria Beckham reveals the mouth-watering amount she spends daily on her beauty regime

Victoria Beckham has revealed the obscene amount of money she spends on her beauty regime every day.

The former Spice Girl said she splashes out a huge £648 on skincare products, £366 on makeup, £124 on body lotions and £66 on her tresses.That's £1,204 (About
585,880 Naira) a day.

“I used to have quite bad skin when I was younger. And I was constantly covering up spots and things like that," she told Into The Gloss.
“Luckily, I don’t have to worry too much about that any more. Over time, you learn what works for you.And, you know, I tried some interesting looks in the Spice Girls.
“At this point, I’ve done so many photoshoots and red carpets that I’ve learned so much about my beauty style by looking back at pictures of myself.”

*Anyways, skincare products and body lotions can't be exhausted in one day na.


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