The lost lady Melania Trump couldn’t cope with marriage to 'unfaithful’ President according to shocking White House book Fire and Fury

Distraught and broken, Melania Trump told her husband she could not bear the pressure of being First Lady, according to the sensational book that has laid the White House bare. “Is this the future?” the “inconsolable” ex-model reportedly asked mogul Donald after the publication of nude pictures taken early in her career. She then told him she “wouldn’t be able to take it”, according to the explosive work, Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House, by author Michael Wolff.
But Trump, who the book claims was “chronically unfaithful”, calmed her down, assuring  her that
what she saw as a nightmare would be over soon.
At that stage he was still just running for the top office and he made his wife “a solemn  guarantee: There was simply no way he would win”.
According to the book, he urged: “Just a little longer . . . it would all be over in November.” 
Little wonder that, as was claimed in the book’s first explosive extracts, reported in yesterday’s Sun, the couple were “visibly fighting” at Trump’s  inauguration and Melania spent the ceremony “on the verge of tears”.

The book went on sale yesterday, rushed out four days earlier than planned after extracts left the US agog.
Queues formed outside bookshops, buyers desperate to read the full claims by Wolff, who had fly-on-the-wall access during Trump’s first year in office.
Melania had earlier denied Wolff’s report she wept on election night when it was clear Trump was winning — and that they were “not tears of joy”. But according to the book, Melania, 47,  married to Trump for 12 years, may have other reasons to be far from happy.
The businessman, 71, who has been married three times, has allegedly declared that one of the secrets to a happy marriage is to be much older than your wife — because she won’t care as much if you stray.
Wolff says he believes “the more years between an older man and a younger woman, the less the younger woman took an older man’s cheating personally”.
There is no further evidence about any cheating in the book however, despite what Wolff says.

Earlier extracts claimed the President boasted about bedding his friends’ wives and declared it is what makes “life worth living”. Meanwhile, Trump’s other secret for a happy marriage, he is said to have told friends, is: “Do your own thing.”

The book also claims the pair spend “relatively little time together”  and are the first White House couple since John and Jackie Kennedy in the Sixties to have separate bedrooms.“Often she did not know where he was, or take much notice.” 


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