‘Shithole’ reviews on Trump’s hotel drop ratings to 2 Star

So,The ‘Shithole’ outburst by the President Donald Trump of United States against African nations, Haiti, and El Salvador which led to worldwide outrage, has had a negative effect on his private business especially his Hotel in Washington DC.
Users left One–Star Reviews on the President’s Luxury Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, which before now was on an average of four TO five stars.
The users’ who described the hotel as a shithole, made the
hotel’s rating drop temporarily to two star, as they also targeted Trump–Branded Properties in New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Etc.

Here are some reviews below;
David K. from San Antonio, TX, called it “A real shithole. Owned by a malignant racist. Pee on the sheets. KKK in the lobby. Russians all over the place. Sad! Steaks over cooked with ketchup. Bibles in the rooms are missing lots of commandments. Mini-bar only has diet coke and Big Macs. Fourth rate shithole.”
“The pillows with Putin’s image on them were off-putting to say the least,” Mike S. from Chicago said about the Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago.
“Bad experience. Excuse my French, but the place is a freakin’ sh@thole. They do a pat down on women upon entering building and it’s just an excuse to grab your private parts. wtf?” said Denise M. from Escondido, CA, about Trump International Hotel Las Vegas.
Matthew O. from Columbus, Ohio, wrote about Trump International Hotel in DC: “Absolute shithole. All of the white bed sheets had two holes cut in them. The showers were golden. The steaks were way over cooked and slathered in ketchup. I asked for bottled water instead I was force-fed a bucket of chicken and 8 Diet Cokes. This place is such a shithole.”
Also photos and video shared by Twitter users revealed that  “SHITHOLE” and poop emojis were projected on the wall of Trump Hotel in Washington DC. An arrow, also apparently projected on the building, points to the arched doorway.

People leave 'shithole' reviews on Trump's hotel as it drops to 2 star lailasnews 5 


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