Can a woman with Rhesus negative blood type give birth to children?

Hello wives connection. I am a young student who found your blog on Google and needs help.  My parents both have positive blood groups;  mum is o+ while dad is A- Both me and my elder brother are negative and people keep telling me that I might give birth to just one child in my lifetime, that if I lose the first pregnancy I might remain barren because negative blood group causes miscarriages.  Is it true ma?


  1. Anonymous08:54

    Yes poster. That used to be an issue in the past, not in the 21st century. There's an injection (RHOGAM) you receive after the first pregnancy to enable your body keep future pregnancies. These days Rhesus Negative blood group can carry pregnancies and give birth to as many babies as they want. Ask your Gynaecologist if still in doubt.


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