Jesus’ birth town Nazareth cancels Christmas because of Donald Trump, declares war

Wahala dey! The Israeli Arab city said it had cancelled Christmas celebrations in protest at the US President’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
Mr Trump announced the move last week, reversing decades of US policy and recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, jeopardising Middle East peace efforts and upsetting the Arab world and Western allies alike.
Nazareth, the largest Arab town in Israel with a Muslim and Christian population of 
76,000, is one of the Holy Land’s focal points of Christmas festivities.
City spokesman Salem Sharara said: “We have decided to cancel the
traditional Christmas singing and dancing because we are in a time of dispute, because of what Trump has said about Jerusalem.”
Nazareth is traditionally thought to be where Jesus grew up. The imposing Basilica of the Annunciation in central Nazareth is built on a site which many Christian faithful believe was the childhood home of Jesus’s mother, Mary.
Sharara said the town’s market stalls and the traditional Christmas church services would be held as they are every year.
Within an hour of the announcement, the Palestinian towns of Bethlehem, Jesus’s traditional birthplace, and Ramallah in the Israeli-occupied West Bank briefly switched off their Christmas lights in protest.
There was no word from the Bethlehem municipality whether it was also weighing a cutback on its celebrations at a crucial time of year for the town’s tourist trade.
Mr Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city, was a significant US policy change.
It angered the Arab world, amid further plans to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.
*May everything be resolved amicably*


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