“I Will Choose A Man That’s Rich Over A Man That’s Good In Bed” – Bisola (Video)

Ex-Big Brother Naija first runner up, Bisola Aiyeola has in a new interview, shared her preference when it comes to the kind of man she wants to be with... Says she is not particular about looks; short, tall, fair, dark and all that. She is more interested in a

   man who can make her laugh ( A good sense of humour). She is particular about who she wants in her life. Read below and watch the video thereafter...

Bisola, speaking with Broadway TV was particular about her answers as she says she'd rather be with a man with money over a man who is good in bed.
Asked what she looks out for in a man, his height or his face… she says:
Personally, I’m not about physical qualities… No.. if he can make me laugh, I’m good, I’m good with someone who has a fantastic sense of humour… so I’m not really particular about how he looks, how tall he is, how short he is, his skin complexion, nah.
To be good in bed or to be rich?
If you’re rich, you can buy the goodness of the bed.. (laughs) oh my goodness, I think people overrate this good in bed something, good in bed, after the goodness of the bed, you’re now hungry who that one help? You’ll not even have strength to be good you know… I’d rather you have the quid, yeah…


  1. Anonymous12/16/2017

    Before nko who good sex help when there is no money


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