Actress Lizzy Anjorin continues her shocking growing up story with a post about her mother

After shocking Nigerians with her life of  a neglected child story, the beautiful nollywood actress continues with this tribute to her mum...
...why can't u use it to prove people wrong that what man can do- woman can do better, that I should prove to them that a child with no family can become a successful person... Mum, I remember when u used to contemplate on; if you had gone to school, If you are a bold type, that maybe we would both have a better life... Yes mum! that was why i tried my best to go to school despite d fact that i read while I was hawking and that has made me to be dis original.. I don't fake who i am bcos u told me, being friendly, hard working, loyal, bold, sound and good heart can propel me to anywhere in the world and ofcos all you said is true.. Maami, i remember when i fell down while I was hawking and my cheekbone was completely broken and swelled up that i can't see well.. We were adviced to withdraw from Able school, so i was sent to Disabled school cos my face scares other student... U ran to a nurse, rolled on the floor and u said; nurse, please remove all my bone and give it to my daughter and she replied; this case is money we don't need your bone
U took me to village to go do cutting of ofada rice, i can't forget how we were both scratching our body when rain beat us in rice farm.. It get to a point that I suggested begging but u told me that beggar and thief are d same that they both have d same problem which is "no shame" .. U said, if we beg and i become a successful person that the stigma will be there for life.. U said,Okomi, let people know us as a hustler not a beggar or a thief... I remember how u would cut ur inner rapper and used it to patched ur buba at the back, I remember everything!! My colleagues didn't know i moved out of Ijebu-igbo to Ijebu-ode so that u can live with me.. When i met ur brother, i asked him abt u and he said u are still hawking; from that day, i vowed that I will never allow you to leave my side again.. Living together with u was a sweet memory..‎


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