Woman who never wanted kids now has four after every form of contraception failed her

"I'm scared to have sex" Fertile mum of four reveals that she has fallen pregnant while on the pill, contraceptive injection, the coil and even condoms. 31 year old Emma Brown never planned to have kids but her body wanted otherwise. Now she has finally been sterilised to avoid falling pregnant again. Read her interesting fertile story about how each of the four pregnancies happened...

Emma Brown, 31, is a proud parent to Sofie, 12, Sarah, 11, Stevie, 5, and one-year-old baby Reginald. Originally not wanting to have children, Emma said: “I enjoyed my social life way too much, and dreamed of having a great career and travelling the world.”
But at the age of 17, Emma, from Enfield, Middlesex, met 18-year-old HGV driver Leigh. She’d had the 99%-effective contraceptive injection and had no intention of having a child, but less than a year into the relationship, she fell pregnant.
When the test came back positive, she couldn’t believe it. Even more shockingly, she was found to be nearly six months pregnant.
“I was stunned. I hadn’t had periods for ages but that wasn’t unusual with the contraceptive jab… and there was no bump!” In March 2005, just two months after the discovery and a week after 19-year-old Emma went on maternity leave, she went into labour - and baby Sofie was born.
“It was love at first sight. Sofie was perfect! I’d never felt happiness like it.”
Despite being besotted with her new baby, Emma spoke to her doctor who recommended she went on the pill. She was very careful to never miss one: the last thing she wanted was another baby.
But when Sofie was just over a year old, in April 2006, Emma started feeling sick again. She knew instantly she was pregnant.
With her first scan, she discovered, once again, that she was almost six months pregnant, with no bump showing.
Emma wasn’t happy about the news: the timing was bad, as her relationship with Leigh was falling apart.
“The night I went into labour, my dad dropped Leigh and I at the hospital. Just minutes later, Sarah entered the world!” Having two kids was a struggle for Emma, then 20. But she soon got a job as a nurse and managed to make ends meet.
Within a year of Sarah’s birth, Emma and Leigh had split up.
Emma said: “It was clear that Leigh wasn’t ready to settle down. He’s always been a great dad though and sees the girls regularly.”
At the end of 2010, after a few years as a single mum, Emma met 24-year-old soldier Adam.
There was an instant attraction between the couple, but because Emma had no desire to have any more children, she made herself doubly safe by taking the pill and using condoms.
Their relationship quickly became serious - and, just four months later, Emma found herself pregnant again.
“We were shocked, but once we’d got past that, we were both happy.”
Stevie – another baby girl – was born in January 2012 and, while both parents were over the moon at her arrival, Emma decided that enough was enough. “After Stevie was born, I went straight to my GP and begged to be sterilised. My doctor thought that, at 25, I was too young - and persuaded me to have a coil fitted. She suggested the copper coil, as we were starting to wonder whether the hormones I’d been taking were somehow making me more fertile.”
The IUD served her well until March last year, when she discovered it had failed her again.
Emma said: “I was starting to realise that no contraception could stop me from getting pregnant. Baby Reginald arrived in October 2016.
“It was great having a little boy after having three girls: little Reginald made my gang complete.” Sadly, Emma and Adam grew apart after Reginald’s birth. “Adam wanted to carry on doing the stuff that young blokes do, but I felt more mature, being a mum of four with loads of responsibilities. He’s a good dad though – and we’re still friends.”
After Reginald was born, Emma’s doctor finally agreed for her to be sterilised - she had the surgery in April this year.
Emma admitted: “The doctor was as shocked as I was. She said she’d never seen this happen before. It’s not ideal being sterilised so young, but I don’t have much choice.
“My doctor stressed to me that no contraception is 100% effective and that, although it’s extremely rare, some women do seem to be able to get pregnant regardless of the type of contraception they use.


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