"Meeting Onyeka Onwenu remains my worst experience ever" Singer Aramide narrates what happened

Nigerian Soul singer and guitarist Aramide has revealed during an interview that although there are many experiences that have been  unfavorable, her encounter with veteran singer Onyeka Onwenu tops the list as the worst day of her life!
The song writer reiterates that the day still rings in her head as if it happened yesterday.
In an interview with TheNetNg, Aramide recounts how she was at the same venue with

the veteran and was called upon at the end of the event to take some photographs.

“As I got close to her, she went cold on me and said ‘don’t touch me'” Aramide said.
She explained further that she still cannot put a word to what happened that day as her blood went cold after the unfortunate incident.
“It is the worst experience I have had in my life, I don’t know if I did something wrong”

When asked if the incident made her lose her respect for Onyeka Onwenu, Aramide answered in the affirmative, saying that she lost all respect and admiration for her. In fact, she would happily look away if she ever runs into the older singer again. 


  1. Anonymous11/04/2017

    We haven't heard from Onyeka. Her side of the story might be different, even though she is a diva like that.

    1. She is right. Onyeka is definition of rude and arrogant. Speaking from experience too


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