"I call Jesus and Allah Fluently" - Christian Blogger married to a Muslim


Ella Mo is a Christian while her darling husband is a Muslim and they have been successfully married for over two years now!

Read her success story below:

Marrying A Muslim OR Christian and Vice Versa: So much mails and so much DM's on how I manage my religion in marriage, and I thought to drop this here: First of, pls know that because it worked for me doesn't make it work for you.

When I took my husband to my parents, my heart was beating fast! I'm from a very strong catholic home! In fact, my old man is a Marriage Counselor in church. My dad made him feel comfortable and when he left he asked me how I wanted him to face the church where he preached anti religion as one of reason for divorce in marriage. I didn't say a word...
 And it ended well... We started to pray about him... My dad met the Rev. Father and told him about it all, Father called me and invited my husband and I... Told my husband I must practice my religion and nothing more else he wouldn't join us... fast forward to getting into the car my husband was cold! I assured him I would manage it well, God help us.

After marriage an Alpha started coming home to teach me.. That religion isn't bad after all.. I learnt a few and started following my husband to Nasfat. My husband would hand me over to any sister and say "Pls she's a convert, help me coach her"... I met lots of amazing sisters there! Nasfat is sundays! church is Sunday!

 Then I found CLAM which was Wednesday's and I started going with my husbands approval after so much convictions and personal prayers! I'm a proud CHRISMUS! Lol... After all we serve same God!

So here is my story for those asking! I call Allah and Jesus fluently! Whichever comes to my mouth when I pray is from my lips to His hears!

In summary, marry your husband! Mine is full of understanding, wisdom and love. If I come back to this world, I will marry him over and over again!

PS: My old man has since then changed his notion, Now he uses us as an example in marriage classes


  1. Anonymous10/19/2017

    Then you were not born again in the first place


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