Dress to kill him at home, not outsiders, not house uniform everyday

File photo courtesy: Doopie.

 DRESS TO KILL YOUR MAN AND NOT OUTSIDERS. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE GOING OUT BEFORE CARING ABOUT HOW YOU LOOK! Let him return from work and meet you looking sweet and refreshed. 
Ok, you as a woman, when your husband dresses well and looks good, don't you feel something? When your husband is very careless and unkempt with his looks, do you like it? Not to talk of men that are well wired to be moved by what their eyes see whether at home or abroad.
See, It's very easy for very busy mums especially full time housewives to start depending on robes,  boubou,  big gowns and all kinds of lose and free clothing because that's what keeps you comfortable considering you are not going to any office or attending an event. Eventually that daily same look becomes a lifestyle. 

Sharon O, in the enlightening post below, encourages women too look their best even at home.  A lot of women have lost their homes because they did not pay attention to their looks, they got so carried away with caring for the family that they forget, they are supposed to be their hubby's babe.

As wives one of our primary assignment is to be our hubby's hot chick and not his mummy.
Most times we don't care about how we look at home, we only forcus on the task at hand. but when is time to go out(office/church) we will spend 2 hours dressing up for people outside to enjoy our beauty, just to show off our latest dresses "notice me" But our man, the reak owner of our beauty  only see us in house uniform hoozing our sweat smell after all we've been working all day "she bi na house I dey".

What we fail to realize is that those yeye girls, husband snachers, are always looking hot every minute, the perfume they spray can draw any man's attention to them but we are so comfortable, carrying Mrs..... about, while the girls are parading themselves in front of our husbands with their beautiful looks and dresses daily. And when he comes home, he meets mummy........and not baby....or sweety....

My sisters, it is time for us to wakeup and start looking our best at home, I met a woman, who was sleeping with a married man, and we got talking one of the point I got from her was the fact that  the man looks the way she dresses, she told me, I wear bum shorts, sexy cloth, makeup and long hair and papa loves it, but that is wife na so so wrapper. we are talking about a man in his 70s. my question is, what will your young husband do when he comes across such women, they are every where looking for a home to enter, most of this girls don't go for single guys oooo, wedding ring is number one qualification they look at.

 Am not perfect but, my husband do tell me that when ever his faced with such girls, he compare me with them and most times, I get better marks than the girls, he told me he will first start from her boobs, to her finger nails. he will check every part and finally conclude, my wife is still better.
If you are the type that loves comfortable dresses, then get nice sexy ones that will show your figure and make a BOLD  statement to your husband that you are still take away, and not those loose dresses that won't show your figure. Yes it is good to wear loose dresses too but you can spice it up by getting a short sexy ones, at least while you are at home and is just him and family if you are ultra conservative about revealing too much. In any case, who say short and sexy means nudity! Be sure not  to turn you to an old woman over night cause of kids. See those husband snachers spend money to look good, if he won't give you, save from feeding money, go and buy bend down select, watch them well with hot water and wear.

Please dress to kill at home, stop wearing house uniform, they don't look nice on you. it gives you same look, sunday to sunday nothing to remind him of the lady he fell in love with. see if you don't want those yeye girls out there to steal your man, start dressing good at home.

Some wives, because their husband is cheating on them, they turn to over night old women in the name of praying, fasting and born again, instead for them to wake up and look good, they now tie scalf every minute, makeup gone, ear ring gone, lovely hair styles no more, my dear stopppppp!!!!!,  Don't stop living cause you see him with another woman. I think that now that he cheating on you is even the best time you should live and enjoy life. live your life, dress well, be happy for you, look good, eat at the right time. when he sees you looking hot and happy that's when his senses will come back to his head and realize what he is missing. but if you because you heard or see him with another woman, then you change your look and become miserable and you are running from one prayer mountain to another my dear he will not see you. the only question he will be asking is, how did I even marry her? abi she use otumokpo on me. mind you the babe outside is looking hot and you allow sadness to steal your beauty cause you are praying and fasting. sweetheart he won't come back, the prayer needs action from you.

Am not saying is wrong to pray and go to church in other to win a lost husband, my take is as you are doing that, you take care of you, just to let him know you are still in town and presentable, am not saying start wearing dresses that will show your nakedness but dress well, look good, Don't use cry make yourself ugly. The ladies he is seeing outside are looking good and hot for him, why not do same.
And for those whose husbands have not tasted outside, please don't allow them use dressing to steal your man, dress to kill for him at all times.

~~Sharon Onojeta