This Three child molestation stories changed my life forever

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Please, Do not easily trust any male with your girl child or female with your boy child.
Read and learn from the sad experience of others.
Rape happens all around us.
Most happen at our homes and with family members.
Please watch out for your girl child.
Hi, I am saddened by the stories on your wall. I wish stuff like that didn't happen, but I am glad people are getting to know how real it is.
I will like you to post this on your wall, to create awareness about the sexual violation of babies and toddlers. I don't even have the mouth to call it rape. I think rape is too light a word. it was during my NYSC at Abuja, that I came across some of the most horrible things that would go on to change my life forever.
In the almost one year I spent working in that hospital, I saw a humongous number of kids brought in with
complaints of sexual assualt.
Three stood out for me.
I'll never forget it.
I am crying as I type this...
2 year old girl of a single mom, struggling to keep he head above water. She had to be left with a "mummy figure's while Mom gets an education. (Mom was rejected by family for getting pregnant)
Son of "mummy figure" a fellow Corp member violates baby. Does it so many times baby get an infection.
O/E: baby had foul smelling greenish vaginal discharge, and severe pain.
We had to admit n sedate her, she was in so much pain. We treated oh.
Now baby was asked, sunshine who was touching your bom bom. Baby says clearly... Uncle Uche touched my bom bom.
Mother runs home in rage to attack, "mummy figure" steps in and dies the matter with he influence. Everything we did to get justice, met with a blank wall.
Mother n child we're thrown out.
She had to start over.
Second case:
6 year old girl, living with dad and step mom. Abused by dad since she was 3/4.
Caught by neighbours on top of his daughter.
He was a policeman! He was met with jungle justice by his mates in the force. Step wife knew about it. But turned a blind eye. Better her step daughter than her kids right?
O/E: Girl was soooooo demure,timid,withdrawn and inaudible.
After much counseling she opened up to the counsellor. Was taken to an NGO where they tried to reach out to her mom.
She also had the foul smelling vaginal discharge. we made a diagnosis of PID. She had rashes and generally unhealthy looking reproductive organ. She was haggard and underfed. We made a diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease. Never seen that in a 6 yo.
He made her satisfy him to get food.
Well he was in jail the last I knew.
The last case: 2 year old, left with a neighbor for about 15 mins maximum. Was fingered by that neighbor because he was told by his boss to get the blood of a child for rituals.
O/E: baby had a wide based gait, vaginal tears, and lacerations with Bloody discharge and was in pains.
She was admitted and the perpetrator arrested. She died after like 3 days. His boss was at large. He was so till I left and the idiot that helped kill the child was in jail.
I could go on and on, but I'd rather not as it's too painful.
Mothers, beware. It only takes a second to ruin a kid forever.

All these happened in police hospital garki Abuja, I think we had so many cases because it is a police hospital and policemen would want to bring cases there.
But the number of cases were scary. It almost always involved little children, almost always by a close/ trusted family member.

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