Succeeding In Nigeria is just Like Driving in Lagos, True or False?

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Have you ever woken up one morning and tired of this struggle called HUSTLE?
As just weak for mind, body and spirit?? Everything just tire you, your moral just down laidat!
You're tired of trying, you're tired of getting started, tired of indefinite outcomes, you're tired of uncertainties... Damn, you're tired of everything!!
You checked your friend(s) lives, everything on Fleek. it's incomparable to your present situation. You see them slaying in affluence, Dubai trips, good businesses, exotic cars, pepperdemgang, looking fly and doing exploits... These na people wey una follow start o.. yet na you hustle pass??.. Baba God kilo shele gangan 🙆

YES, you are freaking tired of hearing the usual motivational quotes...its getting long and no one

longer applicable to your practical life situation or better still, doesn't fit in.. You're DAMN TIRED 😴.
Your hustle can barely pay bills. You can't even afford that amazing ME treat.
You can't afford to cater to the basic welfare of your wards. You just dey laidat!
And Arewa Fola would still come and say "wake up and go kick your own ass"...

-Arewa Fola