Operating Doctors shocked as they discover newborn boy 'pregnant’ with his own twin brother

A baby boy who was born with his dead twin inside of him, has been operated upon.
Doctors were astonished when they discovered a newborn boy was ‘pregnant’ - with his own twin brother.
The half-formed baby was complete with a brain, arm and legs

They successfully operated to remove the 7cm mass which they now suspect was

a rare ‘Fetus in fetu’ twin pregnancy - one of less than 200 ever recorded in the world.

The 19-year-old mother and her son from Mumbra, in Thane city near Mumbai in India, are now both healthy and doing well.


Praise God for the successful surgery!


  1. Anonymous8/01/2017

    This kind news...thank God the baby survived.

  2. Anonymous8/03/2017

    Only in India


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