Mum takes the life of her 16-year-old-daughter for returning to live with her after she gave her up for adoption

This is a story that makes you want to shed tears for the poor unlucky girl. Imagine that she wasn't wanted at birth and got given up for adoption where she could have lived happily ever after. But, then life happened and her adoptive parents got a divorce. After which, she couldn't cope living with her adoptive mums new boyfriend and had to look for her biological mother. She returned to mum but because she wasn't wanted from the beginning due to her autistic condition, her biological mum did the unthinkable in a way that no one would suspect foul play. Read their story below;
The biological mother of a missing teenage girl whose remains were found in a burn pit on her rural Missouri property has been charged with murder.
Rebecca Ruud was charged on Tuesday after authorities confirmed that burned human bones found on the property in Longrun, south-west of St. Louis, belonged to her 16-year-old daughter Savannah Leckie.
Savannah, who had autism, had been given up for adoption at birth but had returned to live with Ruud at the rural property a year ago.
Ruud, 39, is now charged with first and second-degree murder, abuse of a child resulting in death, tampering with physical evidence and abandoning a corpse.
She was arrested on Monday at a Greyhound bus station in Springfield after buying a ticket to flee the state, according to the Ozark County Sheriff’s Office. Ruud had three large suitcases with her, some of which contained blankets and quilts.
Savannah had been reported missing from the home in July where the teenager had been living with her mother and her mom’s boyfriend.
The human remains were discovered on August 4 when police started searching Ruud’s 81-acre farm property.
Investigators found bone fragments, two intact finger bones, a large vertebra bone and several items that appeared to be teeth when they sifted through ash in a burn pit on the property.
Forensic testing and other evidence confirmed the remains belonged to Savannah.
During the search of the property, police had seized a meat grinder, a knife and 26 bottles of lye, which can be used to speed up the breakdown of human tissue.
Savannah was adopted at birth and grew up in Minnesota with her adoptive parents Tamile Montague and David Leckie. The couple have since divorced.
The teenager went to live with her biological mother in Missouri 11 months ago after reportedly not getting along with her adoptive mom’s new boyfriend.
Her adoptive mother issued a statement on Tuesday following news of the arrest and confirmation of Savannah’s death.
‘Our family is in deep grief and is mourning Savannah as her remains were identified yesterday. This is not the outcome that we were hoping or praying for,’ she said.
‘We are grateful for the countless hours that the Ozark County Sheriff’s office has dedicated in searching for Savannah. We know that their work continues as they investigate her death.
‘We ask that Savannah is remembered as a beacon of light and her light will always shine.
Prior to Savannah’s supposed disappearance, Ruud had contacted the local fire department on July 18 and asked for help putting out a fire on her property, according to a criminal complaint.
She had told fire crews that both she and Savannah had suffered burns. Ruud was treated for burns to her left arm but she told the fire crew that her daughter was fine and was taking a shower. Ruud allegedly refused to let the crews see Savannah.
Two days later on July 20, Ruud called the sheriff’s office and reported her daughter missing.
‘I need to report a missing child, I think she’s a runaway,’ Ruud is alleged to have said.
‘I had a fire two days ago, Savannah is blaming herself for the fire. I got burnt, I think that’s why she ran away. She took her pillow and blanket and her favorite coloring bag. We can’t find her anywhere.’
Ruud had told police that Savannah was home when she went to bed the night before but had disappeared by the time she woke.
Officers searched the property extensively and subsequently listed Savannah as a missing person.
Police said Ruud had told relatives varying stories about the fire. She allegedly told some she was burned trying to save Savannah, while she told others she was injured removing a chainsaw from the fire.
She started a GoFundMe page to raise money for a lawyer after revealing she was a suspect in her daughter’s disappearance. The page has since been taken down.
Ruud and her boyfriend Robert E. Peat Jr., who was also living at the farm but is not the teen’s biological father, got married on the same day Savannah’s remains were found on the property.
Married couples don’t have to testify against each other but it isn’t always the case if the victim is under the age of 18, according to the sheriff.
The criminal complaint against Ruud also details elements of Savannah’s life living on the farm with her biological mother.
Ruud had admitted to officers that she had smashed Savannah’s cell phone and banned her from using Facebook as a form of punishment, according to the complaint.
She also admitted to making her teen daughter remove her pants so she could spank her bare bottom.
In a text message exchange between Ruud and Savannah’s adoptive mother in June, the biological mom allegedly complained about having her daughter on the farm.
Ruud is alleged to have told Tamile that it was difficult to get things done because her daughter was ‘treating me like crap’.
‘It’s to the point that I either need more help to care for her, or I can do nothing with her.
‘I am severely limited in the work I can by having Savannah…’
In another text message, Ruud allegedly said Savannah was costing her too much money and she was afraid she would lose the farm.
A judge denied bail for Ruud on Tuesday after ruling she was a flight risk.
Savannah’s adoptive father David Leckie posted a tribute to his daughter on August 9 revealing news of her death.
‘My daughter Savannah has passed away in Missouri. I would like to thank everyone that has prayed for her and our family. My Faith in God will get us through this and I will forever sweet girl,’ he wrote.