Kris Jenner Defends Her Daughter After Critics brand Kylie's Reality Show 'fake' and 'boring'

Momager Kis Jenner has fired back in defence of her pretty daughter Kylie Jenner's show "Life Of Kylie"  was slammed by critics for being fake and boring.

Defiant Kris took to social media to silence reports after an LA TV source revealed to The Sun the reality show was being hastily re-edited.

Sharing  an article that claimed the premiere of Life Of Kylie had delivered the highest-rated new docuseries launch on channel E! of 2017, the matriarch wrote 
"Now THIS is the kind of email I love to read from our network on a Friday afternoon!!!!!!! Congrats @kyliejenner and the entire crew and team!! We appreciate all of you so much."

However, a source told the Sun :
 "The show was a disaster – no-one liked it. The whole family is panicking and the rest of the series is now being re-cut to make it more exciting. "
They added: "The ending of the second episode needed more bang – like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you need something that viewers want to come back for.
"Everyone’s worried that Kylie’s life isn’t exciting enough for viewers who want drama and fighting. They want to include more footage of her sister, Kim, as they think people will tune in to watch then."