How Dare You! Wife And Mistress Join Forces To Beat Up Cheating Husband In Public

A Shocking footage has emerged online showing two Chinese women beating a man in public.
The man, appearing half-naked, got repeatedly smacked on the back by one of the women with a wooden chair before she stripped off his pants.
He attempted to fight back but the same woman, said to be his wife, carried on beating before the
man's alleged lover joined in on the public humiliation.

 Mobile phone footage captures the chaos in a residential neighbourhood, believed to be in a Chinese city.

The women were suggested to be the man's wife and mistress respectively, according to the narration explaining the video on Weibo, the equivalent to Twitter.

The woman in black dress is said to be the scorned wife and the woman wearing a neon green T-shirt is said to be the lover. 
The two joined forces battering the man in broad daylight.
He was held up by the alleged mistress and got beaten by his alleged wife using a wooden chair.

 Onlookers including children witnessed the beating and laughed it off.
The scorned women later stripped off the man's red boxers when she pulled the waistband, leaving the man's buttocks shown in public.
The man tried to fight back but unsuccessful. 
The video was posted on Weibo, a Chinese social media site, yesterday.