After Long Years Of Waiting, My In-law Revealed The Secret Of Infertility To Me And Led Me To Being A Mother

This is a sponsored Post: "God gives and God takes". This saying is no longer new but I am afraid this consolatory saying might not be enough to keep every ones hope alive. Especially a woman still expecting her first child years after marriage.

My younger sister Ebere has had her own share of this trying fate (infertility).  But my husband was a
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As I put this up we are seated together but she would prefer I do it in her stead because I was with her all through the trying periods but I left the last paragraph for her. Married to a very caring man and humble man, I envy her a lot but it was sad to see life treat her, in such a cruel manner. Five months after her marriage, she had had miscarriages on two occasions. Medical diagnose showed that she had a structural problems of the uterus. The doctor stressed that growth of uterine myomas was observed in her uterine wall (fibroids) in a lay man language. This was said to have caused blockage in the opening of the fallopian tube. It was only then she fully understood the cause of her irregular and painful menstruations. Click here to see the Natural Approach

After those two miscarriages, my sister could not conceive again. Issues began to compound when her marriage was two years old with no child. Her husband wasn’t mounting inter pressure on her but the families of the husband majorly because he was the first child of his parents. She went through hell.
We were all round seeking for help. She totally relied on me and God since we no longer have a mother. We spent alot on hospitals bills, fertility enhancing pills prescribed by various people from different states. On one occasion we got one for about ninety eight thousand or so from India. It was packed in a small hamper consisting of tea and pills. But none of these therapies worked. She got enough humiliations from her mother in-law and one of her husband’s siblings in particular. Click here to see the Natural Therapy
We were forced to go into series of religious exercises such as fasting, prayers, and vigils. It got to a point that my husband complained of my little attention for my children and him. He was forced to help out at least for the sake of his children.
MY TESTIMONY  ( Ebere in person )
My sister has tried a lot, I must give her kudus because going through this she had almost left no stone unturned and she has sacrificed a lot for me. But I have to share this in person. Thank God I can finally smile today. It was her husband? Uncle Josh? as I fondly call him that showed us an online testimony of a woman posing with children after years of infertility. She copied the link HERE which she hyped and adored for her breakthrough. Today, I am a mother of one and pregnant as I share this. Please help yourself and others because I was brainstormed that there were witches and powers involved in my case before.
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