40-year-old man tries to bury his mother in a pit, but 'luck' ran out when passers-by heard her cry

End time man! 40-year-old Chris Wamalwa tried to bury his mother alive. His plan was uncovered when passerby heard her crying for help.
He has been arrested by the Police in Kabuchai Constituency, Bungoma County, Kenya.

He was caught red-handed struggling to bury his mother in a pit latrine that was halfway dug.

Narrating what led to the act, Ms Beatrice Nasaka said her son had forced her to

allocate to him, a land she had already sold.

“I am a widow and my only property will save me from poverty.

I had sold a piece of plot so that I can use the money for my personal needs and when my son heard of the sale, he rushed to my home and demanded for a share. He attempted to bury me after he failed to get what he wanted,” claimed the victim.

Nation reports that Ms Nasaka said she had bought a one-acre piece of land for her son in a neighbouring village. An elder, Ronald Umbu, said the suspect has been taken to Nalondo police camp.

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