2 -Year -Old Survives After SUV Tumbles Downhill With Him

In nothing short of a miracle, a 2-year-old boy survived after the SUV he was playing in rolled over a ledge, crashing at the bottom of a hill.

Vandergrift police said the toddler, who was playing alone inside the SUV while his mother was

cleaning the car on Tuesday,must have knocked the car out of gear.

In a bid to desperately stop the car from rolling over, his mother ended up being run over in the process.

The car tumbled down the 100-foot hill and landed near some railroad tracks, wedged between two trees.
Witness Alex Lee told Channel 11:

 “I just heard some crashing, some yelling. They had to have rolled at least three or four times.”

When Lee heard there was a boy inside the car, he descended the hill, only to see the toddler climbing out of the SUV.

Lee marveled that the boy wasn’t even crying, and Officer Joe Gray said the toddler had “no bumps, no bruises, no scrapes” when he was rescued.

Both the boy and the mother were taken to the hospital for a medical examination.