Be Yourself! Celebrating God's grace over my life (Testimony)

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Sometime ago, early this year, when my building project was still HALF CAKED yes that's what we all called it then.. 'Cos it was looking like a piece of cake cut into halves, with a thick canopy nailed to the frontal to prevent the wind, and a slim zinc sheet nailed to a fragile door frame, serving as our MAIN GATE... Na God be our security those time
I swear!. It was looking almost like a ramshackle when viewed from afar, but decent and neat when you come in.
I got a job from a client in Yankee, she had fallen in love with my works online and wanted to strike a deal. She was sceptical about online activities and scared of being scammed.She wanted an
intermediary between us, and so appointed her twin sister to check up on me and see my braided wig works. She wanted a firm confirmation that I was REAL.
I tried to convince her that we can operate a smooth transaction ONLINE. I went further to explain how I can never run off work her cash, i even went as far showing her proofs of my clients payments, reviews and how clean my sheets were, but aunty no gree o. She insisted we were dealing with a big sum, so she wouldn't want to take risk. "9ja ti tough gan" mi o le risk e...
I was scared, not because I was unreal, but because my then 'workshop' does not look presentable at all! Not even with her kind of personality... Mmbanu!
I explained the distance and stress this would cause her sister and how I can bridge that by making myself available at her sister's place.... For WHERE???!!
I was in a complete state of disarray for 1week. No idea was springing forth... My works online were wayyy too nice compared to where I stayed. Isn't this a big fuck up on my part?? Would I not be severing this transaction if I bring her here?? Oh God!
Abi I should take her to a neighbor's house(a very beautiful edifice) , just a stone thrown to my uncompleted building, take my works there and lie that I stay there?
What if it backfires? What if she wants to come check her 'work' unannounced??, what if my neighbor is unavailable on the D-day?
.. WHAT IF????
OK, I confided in my mum and she completely disagreed
"NO WAY!!!! all these your 'ABIs' cannot even werk! This is where you are bringing her to, you have worked too hard to put this up to be ashamed of it. This is your sweat, it should be your pride too. If God says the job is for you, you would surely get it"
Hmmmmm... God of Mercy! don't put me to shame please, don't make this 'stupid' decision of mine stop this business deal.
On the d-day, I wasn't even happy.. I wish it could just happen fast and done! At every minute, I was checking my whatsapp to see if she had sent a "sorry my sister cannot make it to your workshop, let's do this transaction online"
Sister Kenny called me and asked that I come pick her at the bustop. I took a sachet of pure water and headed towards my fate.... My village people, wehdonma! Wehdonsir!.
I met with her, and we started gisting, we 'clicked' almost immediately. She commended my works and was happy to meet me....
I wish the distance could be extended....
She stopped to ask if this place I was taking her to was my house or shop, I responded boldly to the former.
Her response "Wow!.. You know I was thinking I would see you in a massive shop with lovely displays" and she shook her head in dissatisfaction.
My heart sanked! I'm done for! It is finished! Dear self, you know what, ain't gonna forgive you if this deal slips!
But no going back o, cos we were home already....
We got to the entrance of the house and she asked if this was where I stay and work from.
In my mind, I knew it was completely finished! I have used my own hand to do myself... I was already fidgeting sef, my palms all sweaty and with a shaky voice, i gave a yEs and went further to explain that it's my building project that is yet to reach completion... Blablalalallalala... ( just to sugar-coat the conversation)... Who ask you 😏
She came in, settled on the plastic chair and ordered for a glass of water. Met my mom and son, after exchanging pleasantries, she smiled, took my hands and gave me a bear hug, she was so happy, I could see her blushing on my behalf . She started praying and appreciating God's work, prophesying into the building for a perfect finishing.
I was just looking like a lookmon and my mom looked at me and gave me that *I told you* eyecut
We signed the deal and she left...
Overtime she would 'burst' on us to check the progress of her job. She would bring gifts for my son and mom... God be praised.
I completed her job and shipped to her sister. She called me to shower prayers, and gisted me about all her sister told her about me. It's been over 5months and we've built a strong business relationship. She has referred me to a lot of people for business transactions and I'm glad. The kind of trust she has for me enh... Oh lawd, I am currently her personal shopper in lagos.Yes O! I dey do personal errand work too, I be correct lagos walking map 😂.Everything must join legitimately! She is a big part of my testimony. God bless you sister Taiye 😘
I think the moral of this story is BE YOUR SELF! abi? I really don't know o, just reminiscing through those times.
You think there is no GOD??? I'M A LIVING TESTIMONY!!!!!!!!!!!

-Arewa Fola


  1. immaculateJuly 12, 2017

    Too long to read. Eya good morning

  2. immaculateJuly 12, 2017

    Too long to read. Eya good morning


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