Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Trapped families screamed for their lives and used bedsheets to try to escape burning 27-storey tower as deaths confirmed

A huge blaze engulfed a 27-storey tower in west London overnight - with over 50 people now known to have died.Residents  believed to have been trapped inside till this morning - some were spotted screaming for help from windows and using knotted bedsheets to try to escape.
Terrified people spotted falling from windows as fire engine arrived - With a trapped woman spotted holding her baby out of another window.
Police used riot shields to protect fire crew from falling debris as they battled to reach those who were trapped.
One eyewitness, Samira, who lives nearby, claimed she saw people "throwing their kids out" of windows and heard people screaming: "Help me! Help me! Save my children! Save my children!"
Young children were seen waving for help from upper floors and at least one child was spotted being pulled to safety on the ground by firefighters.
Falling debris
Residents claiming on social media that the smoke was too thick in corridors to leave their flats and use fire escapes - while others say they shut their doors because they believed their flats to be 'fire proof for at least an hour'. unfortunately flats weren't fireproof.
This was before fire service put out the fire which engulfed the whole building up to the last floor
An emergency number has been set up for people who are concerned for loved ones who live in the building - call the Casualty Bureau at 0800 0961 233.
The cause of the blaze is not known - unconfirmed reports have suggested that a resident's fridge may have caught fire. London Fire Brigade says it is too early to establish the cause.
Many people on social media have been quick to blame cladding which was recently placed on the building as part of a major £8.7million refurbishment for the reason the fire was able to take hold so quickly.
Meanwhile it's emerged residents had issued a chilling warning about fire safety just months before this morning’s blaze.
In a series of blog posts since 2013, a residents’ group called the Grenfell Action Group repeatedly criticised Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO) - the company which manages the tower block - over its fire safety record.The Metropolitan Police have set up a casualty bureau for anyone concerned about their friends and family on 0800 0961 233.
See video below:
**I pray for the victims. God bless the poor souls.

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