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Chicken plantain pepper soup for new mums

 Plantain pepper soup for new moms
This is a very traditional delicacy for women who have just been delivered of babies, great to take in the first few months after delivery. Most traditional Nigerian meals for new mums are cooked with lots of pepper but without the addition of palm oil. If you were to make this on a normal day for anyoe other than a new mum, you can add some palm oil (1/4 cup). This plantain soup can be very spicy and delicious. I didn't add too much pepper here because of the baby that doesn't need to suck pepper from breast milk.


1 medium sized local chicken (Cock), dressed
1 small onion to steam the chicken
4 cups water, you can add more later
1 tablespoon ground fresh pepper
Salt to taste
2 seasoning cubes
1 small buch scent leaves
5 fingers unripe or fairly plantain ( I used unripe plantain here)


  • Peel the plantain, scrape the skin lightly with a sharp knife from your knife set till clean before chopping into small sizes. 
  • Boil the chicken with salt, onion, pepper and seasoning cube for about 10 minutes or till chicken is almost cooked.
  • Add the plantain and stir, check for salt and cover to boil. Check frequently and stir vigorously so it starts thickening. Do this until plantain softens.
  • Add the washed scent leaves, stir and check again for salt. Once it thickens to your desired consistency, turn off the heat.
  • Serve hot. If new mum breastfeeds, please watch the pepper.
See step by step cooking pictures below...

Boiled chicken and spices before adding plantain


Cutting, what you see on the knife is what will help the pottaage thicken fast

Adding plantain to boiled chicken

Chicken plantain pepper soup is ready. Serve hot with enough sauce,

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