Saturday, May 06, 2017

Woman dies of blood clot after taking contraceptive pills, Doctor under fire for missing the symptoms, advising her to 'have a spa weekend

Smh! Didn't the Doctor know the side effects of this pill before prescribing it to the woman? She started taking them for contraception and to cure acne, when the symptoms started, she rushed back to complain to the Doctor who then advised that her body needs rest, that she takes a 'spa weekend'. Well, she went back home and continued to take the pills but didn't live to enjoy the spa weekend as she collapsed due to blood clots caused by this pill and died.
Read her story below as reported by Mirror.

A doctor faces being struck off after telling a woman who died of a blood clot caused by her contraceptive pill to enjoy a "spa weekend".
Dr Sunil Idicula Simon had prescribed Charlotte Foster, 23, with Dianette as a form of contraception and to help with acne.
Three weeks before she collapsed at work after suffering a fatal cardiac arrest, Charlotte had visited the doctor complaining of back pain and shortness of breath.
She was told by Dr Sunil Idicula Simon there were no signs of deep vein thrombosis.
Charlotte, from Newport, in Shropshire, died at the town's Princess Royal Hospital after suffering brain damage following her collapse at work. An inquest heard she would have survived if Dr Sunil Idicula Simon had not missed her symptoms and told her to go on a spa day instead.
Three weeks before her death, she went to Simon complaining of back pain and shortness of breath - but was told there were no signs of deep vein thrombosis.
He insisted the pain was "muscular in origin" and recommended she "get a massage" or have a spa day.
An inquest revealed Miss Foster had undergone tests that indicated she would be high-risk if prescribed the drug.
The brand of Pill - which she wanted as both a contraceptive and to treat her acne - carries double the risk of blood clots.
Simon will appear before a General Medical Council (GMC) investigation on June 2 where they will consider giving him a warning.
She was prescibed this pill before her death.
He did not refer her to hospital or make arrangements for a follow-up consultation if her symptoms persisted, it is claimed.
He is also accused of failing to consider stopping the prescription of Dianette, recording an adequate history, or making considerations of DVT or PE.
The GMC will discuss if arrangements for follow-up consultations if symptoms persisted or a consideration of stopping Dianette prescriptions were considered.
The one-day hearing will be held on June 02.
Chai, what avoidable death? If only the Doctor stopped her from taking the particular pill, she'd be alive today. 

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