Wednesday, May 17, 2017

”Why I did not attend my only son's wedding? it is a demonic gathering" - Obasanjo's wife explains why she was absent at her son's grand wedding

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo's wife was conspicously absent at her son's Society wedding which was graced by creme-de-la-creme of Naija and even Monarchs. Was absent at both ceremonies. She was interviewed by The Sun, read her responses below...

Olujonwo and Tope
Olujonwo and Tope

The engagement/traditional wedding took place on Thursday May 11, while the  solemnization of the wedding in church held on Saturday May 13. The wedding between Olajonwo Obasanjo and former Miss Tope Adebutu was indeed grand and had many crème of society present including first class monarchs.
But the groom’s mum was no where near.

According to her, she decided to boycott the wedding due to reasons she tendered as ‘evil plans’ of former President, Olusegun Obasanjo and his new inlaws—the Adebutus.
When asked why she didn’t hold the protest and carry placards with drummers as planned on the wedding day and she revealed that she was prevailed upon to call it off.
In an interview with the SUN, Obasanjo’s wife said,
“No, everyone has been calling me across the nation even from outside the country. Important people, men of God have been calling me to drop the protest.”
Her next line of action now that she was unable to stop the wedding through a court order?
The mother of two, whose daughter represented her at the wedding said, “I plan to take it to God. I am a prayerful woman. I am a project of the living God.”
Ask why she didn’t turn up as the groom’s mother after the pleas from men of God and she said, “The Lord did not tell me to go.”

Didn’t she think her son wouldn’t be happy that she refused to attend his wedding?
Taiwo replied: “My son has decided to defy the warning of the almighty God. Who should be obeyed? Is it me, or he or the people that are forcing him that he must do the wedding by fire by force?”
Remind her that the young man must have been in a dilemma and she said, “What is dilemma to a man of 34 and why the desperation when June 1 is just around the corner? Can’t he use his brain to say let me stick to the warning of God? The Lord says don’t engage in any noisemaking until after June 1, 2017. It is not that he should not get married. The instruction is that any marriage he is going to do before June 1 must be done quietly. Who is he supposed to honour? Is it his father or God? This is not a wedding, it is a demonic gathering.”

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