Monday, May 15, 2017

Who is actually Robbing God? The Sheep OR The Nigerian Shepherd?

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BOWEN UNIVERSITY *N650,000 per semester

COVENANT UNIVERSITY *N640,000 per semester

BENSON IDAHOSA *N500,000 per semester

BABCOCK UNIVERSITY *N450,000 per semester

*N450,000 per semester

*N350,000 per semester

MADONNA UNIVERSITY *N350,000 per semester

All  these UNIVERSITIES were built from TITHES and OFFERINGS of the common people who now can't afford to send their children to these schools today.

Where is the morals and responsibilities of the churches as CHARITY in Nigeria?

What is the difference between church and political leadership in Nigeria?

These schools were all built with the sweats of their church members who kept sowing seeds like:
- Special offering seeds
- First fruit seed,
- Redemption seed,
- Thanksgiving seed,
- Harvest seed,
- Tithes,
- Kingdom Investments
- Pastor's seed,
- Church building seed,
- Evangelism seed,
- Father's day seed,
- Mother's day seed,
- Children' day seed,
- Pastor's cake seed,
- Olive oil seed....etc.

These schools are now elite schools, only for the rich politician children. The payers and contributors sadly do send their kids to subsidized Government Universities. 

The gainers then use the profits to buy private planes & jets to fly up high in luxury, ride Exotic Cars and live in expensive Mansions, while their members, (who are mostly the least of Jesus people) sleep hungry.

The next Sunday, they will read *Malachi 3:6-12* to these members again without making reference to *Deuteronomy 14:22-29* about their own responsibility to these poor members in their churches.

If you think this is unfair, like me, please pass on this message because this is reality and we also need the CHANGE here!!!

Thank God for early missionaries who built schools and gave basic education FREE or NEAR FREE to many of us including the CURRENT LEADERSHIP of these churches and universities.

The TRUTH is a bitter pill to swallow!
Who then do you think is robbing God? Please share your thoughts...

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