Sunday, May 14, 2017

Update: Tonto Dikeh confronts nanny who said she abandoned her at Hospital (Video)

Ok,so, Yesterday, we shared a story about what really happened between the nanny, Tonto Dikeh and her husband, Mr. Churchill.  Queen Ashley Foundation stumbled upon an elderly woman who was said to be abandoned at Maitama General hospital by her employer Tonto, after she developed excruciating pains on her legs from her home.
Well, the actress has now come out to say that she never abandoned her son’s nanny – revealing that the lady was discharged from her duties about 2 months ago when they discovered that she
was no longer fit for the job..

Here's a video of Tonto Dikeh questioning the nanny, plus a write-up after the cut
Via her friend Halimar Abubakar's IG page, Tonto shared the video and wrote
DISCLAIMER! DISCLAIMER!! DISCLAIMER!!! This is to inform the general public about the recently uploaded video about the nanny of my beloved dear son who in a video said I abandoned her at the hospital leaving her to fend for herself. It was so far-off from the truth. 
She was sadly discharged from her duties 2months ago, after the realization that she wasn't fit enough for the job as she was always suffering from one illness or another which I. Have spent Thousands treating. 
So I paid her off and she went back to her base, I suddenly saw her about a week ago believing she came to say hello and leave, but begged to be taken back instead. It was obvious that my son missed her, which led me to permit her to stay for a few days. 
 To my suprise, she took ill again and I asked that she should be taken to the hospital, which I normally do whenever she fall sick and her on-Call Personal doctor provided By Me Isnt around. 
She was rushed to the hospital on Thursday 11th may 2017, and discharged on Friday 12th may 2017, telling me that she is better now. To my greatest surprise, I got a call from one of my domestic staff that she has gone to the hospital again.  
Waking up today Saturday 13th may 2017, to see a video posted without  due consultations by 'some' foundation 
I wondered why people love cheap publicity. How can someone who left the hospital on Friday and return to the hospital be abandoned as she FALSELY claimed. 
Nevertheless, I have consulted and instructed my lawyer to serve them with immediate effect for defamation of character and other charges associated to this act(etc. Using the name of a child to be soliciting for money illegally) 
I am appealing to the public and especially my fans to disregard the request of paying into the account published on the blogs. It's a scam and a malicious act that should never be allowed or encouraged. 
The nanny is an ingrate for allowing herself to be used against me and my son.This is a woman who has visas to 15 different countries courtesy Of me,Flies first class, eats 6 times a day, has call card allowance, hair allowance,has her nails taken care of by me, gets freebies for her family and friends,takes lux

Watch The video below 

*I feel not so good that Tonto Diken's  baby sitter's face is now known by everyone online. May God continue to protect King Andrea. Tonto should please just leave ASAP to an area where this nanny is not aware of. May no evil mind think of using her situation to make her lead them anywhere near Tonto or her son. Amen .

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