Friday, May 05, 2017

Officiating Minister vomits just when bride recites her vows to the groom

The wedding was going on fine until the bride started to say her vows, suddenly, the minister turns her face away and starts throwing up. Could she be pregnant, sick or just nauseated by brides size? Hope not the last reason because this bride is gorgeous. When she turns away and starts throwing up, the bride and groom glance at her while she continues to say her vows to oga to be. People are now blaming her for not pausing at least until the lady minister is ok. Some think just carrying on with the vows while the person officiating is

sick shows she is not a caring person.
This is the stomach-churning moment a minister throws up in the middle of a couple's romantic wedding vows.
The clip shows the bride and groom lovingly clasping hands, as the bride recites her vows to her husband-to-be.
While gazing into each other's eyes, the female minister dressed in a black and white dress, looks on and things seem to be running smoothly.
But just as the minister announces the couple are husband and wife, things take a very grim turn.The minister suddenly spins to face away from the couple before being violently sick on the floor.
A bridesmaid stands nearby and seems horrified by the sight as she gestures towards going to the minister's aid.
Both the bride and groom take a glance at the minister before continuing their vows to one another.
The bridesmaid looks on in total shock, before things get back to wedding as normal.
ome viewers were shocked at the casual approach the bride and groom took to the sick minister.
One said: "I know it's her day but to just ignore that women puking and carry on making promises to groom about sickness and health.
"I would have stopped the whole thing! Started all over again after the women puking was at least looked after."

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