Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mum dying of cancer helps little daughters pick out future wedding dresses after being told by Doctors that she won't live to see them grow up

A terminally ill mum is helping her young daughters pick out their prom and wedding dresses after being given the devastating news she won't live to see them grow up. "Nobody imagines they will leave their children before they grow up. It never even crossed my mind. I want to leave them as much of me as I can." she says.
The ex-teacher first found a lump in her breast in 2014 and was devastated to be told it was grade three cancer and had spread to her lymph nodes. Dawn and husband Iain's marriage ended after his diagnosis. She started dating new partner Steve Wilson, 35, who she married in 2016.Dawn Wilson has even taken her
children - Imogen, 12, and Madeline, eight - house hunting and first car shopping after being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer .
The children have been dealt a second devastating blow as their father, Iain, will also be dead within months as he is battling the late stages of Huntington's disease.
The 34-year-old has been given less than a year to live and was heartbroken she would miss out on so many "memory days" with her girls.
But the brave mum was so determined to be there for her daughters' special days she is starting them early.
Dawn has been ticking off important milestones that she will not be able to be a part of as well as leaving her girls treasured photos of them time together.
Dawn, from Hengoed, near Caerphilly, South Wales, said: "I spent a day with each of them separately where they got to choose the wedding dress they would love, their prom dresses.
"We even went and chose their first cars and first homes. It was very emotional but I am so glad we did it.
"I am proud of them, they are very special girls and I love them. I hope for the best for them and I'm so sorry I will not be there for them on these days. 
Looking beautiful in the prom dress picked out by her dying mum

Dawn said: "My new husband, Steve, is a guardian angel and has promised to take care of the girls."
She believed until just a month ago that she was in remission, but the cancer returned.
Dawn said: "I have had a double mastectomy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other clinical trials.
"I believed up until a month I was in remission and then I discovered another lump. "I went straight to the hospital and was told it had returned and is incurable. I probably have less than a year.
"I genuinely believe this was completely avoidable because I went to my GP as soon as I found the lump. It was about the size of a pea when I found it.
"After 10 weeks, which is the time I waited to have my scan, it covered a 12cm area."
It was later discovered that the gene was on the male side of her family.
Dawn said: "I want the girls to look back in the future and see what we did together and how much we loved them." 
* My prayers with her.

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