Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Beyoncé Reportedly Doesn’t Want her Father in Her Delivery Room, Jay Z doesn’t want cameras in the room, hallways or elevators

Do you believe it? This is coming as a shock after we all thought father and daughter are now in good terms. The beautiful Mrs Carter has a few weeks left in her pregnancy, but her delivery plans are said to be all set, and, they don’t include dad Mathew Knowles.
According to In Touch, Bey & Jay have a ‘laundry list of diva demands’ laid out for Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles where she’ll be giving birth and she has explicit instructions for Mathew not to be in attendance.
“She is fearful that he’ll show up uninvited like he
did with [their five-year-old daughter] Blue. She doesn’t want him anywhere nearby on her special day. She fully expects everything to be perfect as they become a family of five,” says the insider.
Bey’s mother, Tina Lawson, will be in charge of “keeping the hospital staff on their toes” that day, so we’re sure it will be difficult for him to find a way in.
“She isn’t easy to get along with, and she will be even more demanding than Beyoncé. Jay knows to let her take over and stay out of her way.”
The power couple already scheduled the C-section and have everything planned out for when it’s time.
“[They] prepared an A and a B team as decoys to confuse photographers and fans, and everyone signed confidentiality agreements. Jay and Beyoncé have also been arguing with the hospital about the use of security cameras. Jay doesn’t want cameras in the room, hallways or elevators, which is an impossible request,” our source explains, adding that “they also made a plan to have everything fully catered so they don’t have to socialize in the hospital.”
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